AEW Full Gear: 3 wrestlers who need to win

Sammy Guevara on the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW
Sammy Guevara on the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW /

This Saturday is the last AEW pay-per-view of 2020 – these three superstars need a big win to end the year on a high note.

Two months have passed since the last special event, All Out, the company has done a brilliant job in building anticipation for AEW Full Gear. All of the matches are important, every title is on the line – it has the potential to be the best show of the year.

AEW President, Tony Kahn, said 1,000 fans will be allowed into Daily’s Place which is the most since crowds have been allowed back into wrestling events. The atmosphere on the night will give the superstars extra motivation to pull out all the stops to give those in attendance a show to remember.

It may not be Double or Nothing however there are high stakes involved, including who will be next in line for a shot at the AEW World Championship, the victor in the bitter feud between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman fighting for the chance to join The Inner Circle.

18 wrestlers will be in action and these three need to be victorious on Saturday.

“Hangman” Adam Page should beat Kenny Omega.

This has been one of the best storylines in AEW since the company was formed – the on and off friendship between “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega has been compelling viewing on Dynamite and Being The Elite each week.

When the World Title Eliminator Tournament brackets were revealed, the majority of fans wanted this match to be the final – here we are.

These two have had a tumultuous relationship – from Page leaving The Elite, to them winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships, to them losing the titles, to Omega hinting at attacking Page when they were defeated by FTR, to them sharing a fist bump on the latest edition of Dynamite. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions – the drama comes to an end at AEW Full Gear.

When AEW crowned their first world champion, Page was in that match, he lost to Chris Jericho at All Out in 2019. Since that show, the Virginia native has only been defeated three times in singles matches. His push is evident and Saturday is the right time to pull the trigger and make him the number one contender for the AEW World Championship.

Page has gained sympathy from AEW fans, with his portrayal of a loner who has an alcohol problem, he could easily be the biggest babyface in AEW if Tony Kahn decides to go down that path. Fans can relate to the master of the Buckshot Lariat and they want him to succeed in the company.

It is clear that Omega is on the brink of a full-fledged heel-turn, he’s been hinting at it for months. Page should beat him, “The Cleaner” should attack after the match – they can go one-on-one at the next pay-per-view. AEW does not need to rush the Jon Moxley or Eddie Kingston Vs. Page title match. That can wait until more fans are allowed into the venue. Imagine the pop Page would receive if he wins the AEW World Championship with 10,000 people in the building – it would be deafening.

In an interview, with Jim Ross, on the go-home Dynamite before AEW Full Gear, Page admitted he would have “nothing left” but a “glass of whiskey” if he lost to Omega – he is drinking in the last chance saloon.

He must prevail against his former tag team partner or risk being known as someone who cannot get the job done on the biggest stage.

Sammy Guevara must prevail in the Elite Deletion Match, against Matt Hardy.

These two have been feuding for a while. Hardy leads the “Spanish God” 2-1 in singles matches, that has to change at AEW Full Gear.

The rivalry between Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy seems to be cursed. Nothing but bad things happen when they face each other. Hardy suffered a deep laceration when Guevara threw a chair at him during a brawl on the 14th of August episode of Dynamite. Then the “Broken” one seemed to suffer a concussion during their Last Man Standing match at All Out in September.

This match has been taped already and hopefully, no injuries occurred during filming.

Hardy is a veteran. His sole purpose in AEW should be putting over younger talent like Guevara. A decisive win over a man who has won more than 20 championships during his 20 plus years in the business would be a huge feather in the cap for The Inner Circle member. It will propel him to bigger and better things.

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Guevara has the potential to be a top star in AEW. He needs to win matches like this to be taken seriously. Currently, he is being booked in a comedy role. The 27-year-old could be so much more than that. Guevara is charismatic, handsome and a great athlete – all the tools needed to be at the top of the card in AEW. Unfortunately, he is being hindered by poor decisions made by his superiors.

Saturday is the right time for Guevara to move to another level, he has to beat Hardy – no other result is acceptable.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has to become the newest member of The Inner Circle.

The dynamics between MJF and Chris Jericho make for great television – as seen during their Le Dinner Debonair musical two weeks ago on Dynamite. Hate it or love it, that segment had social media buzzing – it had the desired effect.

These two have gone back and forth for weeks. Jericho has asked MJF if he wants to join his group – instead of getting a direct answer, the man who claims “he’s better than you” replied by questioning if “The Demo God” wants him in his faction.

MJF joining The Inner Circle will be intriguing – his plan could be to work with Jericho to dominate AEW or he could be plotting a hostile takeover by convincing Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz to turn on their leader.

The possibilities are endless – the best way to maximize them is for MJF to be victorious. He’s a brilliant heel – Jericho has yet to be a babyface in AEW, a feud between them in those roles would be great.

AEW clearly see MJF as a huge star – getting a win over a legend like Jericho would be the biggest of his career so far.