WWE SmackDown: Why Murphy Must Defeat Seth Rollins

WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE) /

After this past WWE SmackDown, it is safe to say that Murphy is no longer Seth Rollins’ disciple.

Buddy Murphy has been impressing for months in his role as Seth Rollins’ disciple. Taking everything that his “Messiah” has thrown at him over the past year, he finally snapped on WWE SmackDown and made his loyalty clear.

Murphy turned on Rollins once and for all during his “final chapter” match with Rey Mysterio via a knee to the face, costing his former messiah the match. Now that the feud with the Mysterio’s is finally over, Rollins turns into a scorned teacher.

Seth Rollins continues to let everyone know that he “made” Murphy and that he will be the one to destroy him.

However, any fan of Murphy will tell you that is the biggest lie Seth Rollins has told yet. Buddy Murphy has been fighting to make a name for himself since signing with WWE in 2013. If it was winning the NXT Tag Team Championships with Wesley Blake or the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Murphy has made himself.

Before deprived of his first name, Buddy Murphy was absolutely shining as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. At the inaugural WWE Super Show-Down in Murphy’s homeland Australia, he was received with a tremendous reaction before and after winning the championship. This night showed the potential of Murphy as a star and that same potential is seen in him today. That is exactly why Murphy needs to beat Seth Rollins, cleanly.

Murphy paid his dues more than anybody else in Seth Rollins’ feud with the Mysterio family. At times Murphy was pushed to the side and made into an afterthought. Murphy came more into the forefront when he began to get involved with Rey Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah. When the final chapter finally arrived, it was Murphy that became the plot twist to help lead the hero of the story to a victory in the end.

Murphy did everything that he was needed to do during this feud. Now, it is time to reward Murphy for his hard work. Something a bit more than just getting his name back. Murphy was used for months as nothing but Seth Rollins stooge. Now that he has been freed from his false messiah, Murphy has the opportunity to truly shine and get a push into the spotlight of the WWE. Reports have said Seth Rollins is taking a hiatus soon enough and Murphy needs to send him off.

This Friday night on SmackDown, Seth Rollins and Murphy will collide with all the bad blood in the world boiling. This is a classic battle of student versus teacher disguised as “Messiah” versus “Disciple.” This will be a beautiful battle, but the outcome won’t be pretty for one of these men. Murphy needs to not only beat Seth Rollins, but he also needs to be the one that sends Rollins out of the WWE.

The best possible outcome in my mind is to push the limits of Murphy’s psyche during this match. Push Murphy to his limits of dealing and delivering violence to a point that you aren’t sure if Rollins succeeded or failed with his disciple. He needs to cost Seth to lose his spot at Survivor Series due to the beating that he receives. It is time to give Rollins a taste of his own medicine. However, that is an intriguing taste within itself. Can Murphy take only a sip?

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Or perhaps old habits die hard… Murphy has learned everything that Seth Rollins has taught. He may be in deeper than he ever would have guessed. What happens when the disciple takes the role of messiah into his own hands?