WWE: Aleister Black is newest addition to ‘team catering’

WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com /

Aleister Black is an intriguing performer on the WWE roster, unfortunately, the company seems to not have any plans to utilize him in a meaningful manner.

WWE has a robust roster with some of the best talents in the business. That means that some men and women are stuck in a situation where they will not see time on TV, regardless of their level of talent. It seems like Aleister Black is the newest name on that list of wrestlers who will not be utilized much if things remain the same. This is an unfortunate development for a wrestler who was once looking like a face to watch in the promotion.

The year 2020 has not been nice to nearly everyone, but Black’s career has done a complete 180 during the near 365-days. Black went from winning multiple matches on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown to being given an eye patch and dropping match after match. That turn is indicative of a larger issue with decision-makers when it comes to Black’s career trajectory. According to Dave Meltzer, Black is in a situation where he is one of those wrestlers that the company does not have anything for currently.

While most will want to point to the release of his wife, Zelina Vega, as the reason why he would have “heat,” that does not seem like the issue. Black was last featured on Monday Night Raw on October 12, where he was defeated by Kevin Owens – a continuing outcome that had occurred since September 14. In fact, the last time Black won a match was back in July when he defeated Buddy Murphy via disqualification.

Imagine this outcome for someone who was so well booked in NXT. He was an NXT champion and involved in some of the biggest matches to offer when NXT was at its height. Black is not the only one who has seen this shift hit his career, but to hear that WWE Creative does not have anything for him is indicative of lackluster creative. It shows an unwillingness to do something different; building new faces on the roster at a time when wrestling fans are screaming for something that is not the rehashes delivered each week.

When Paul Heyman had a strong position within creative, Black was one of the individuals on his list to protect. That is no longer the case. Meltzer went into detail during a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter where he outlined why things are bleak for the performer. That should not be the case. Black could be delivering great matches against the likes of Big E, Roman Reigns, Chad Gable, and others on SmackDown, rather than being kept off television.

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Add Aleister Black to the list of names of professional wrestlers that find themselves in purgatory on the main roster. He went from being well protected, to off television in less than a few months. He could be a part of the long-term solution to fix the rampant creative issues on WWE television if booked properly. Unfortunately, he is sitting backstage – yet another name used incorrectly by the minds behind the largest wrestling promotion in the world.