The five biggest breakout stars in WWE during 2020

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2. Jey Uso

Yes, despite being in WWE for over a decade, this has been Jey Uso’s best year as a solo superstar.

During his 11 years in the company, Jey has been part of one of the greatest tag teams of all-time – with his brother Jimmy injured, Jey was forced to go solo, he grasped that opportunity with both hands.

When one member of a tag-team is hurt – WWE usually shelve the star who is healthy until his partner returns (Erik from the Viking Raiders for example) but the company had bigger plans for Jey – he was given the spotlight in his brother’s absents.

Jey’s solo run began in March – he has gone from strength to strength since.

His charisma, work rate, and match quality has proved WWE were right to take a chance with him after all these years.

Now know as “Main Event Uso”, the former six-time tag team champion has come into his own – his storyline with Roman Reigns is one of the highlights of 2020.

After initially resisting is cousin demanded to “fall in line” and acknowledge him as the leader of the Anoa’i family – Jey was forced to do just that after losing a brilliant I Quit match at WWE Hell in a Cell two months ago.

The WWE Universe was emotionally invested in that match – it was gripping throughout, Jey played the role of underdog perfectly, it was a stand out performance from the 35-year-old.

Since that contest – Jey has been The Tribal Chief’s foot soldier, answering how high whenever Reigns says jump. Jey has become a bigger star since aligning with the Universal Champion – his improvement is evident.

Jey has headlined a pay-per-view, was the last male SmackDown superstar to be eliminated at WWE Survivor Series, beat AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens – this has been a great year for him so far.

2021 could be even better for a man that is regularly asked, “which one are you?” when standing next to his sibling.

Jey Uso has arrived – he no longer has to introduce himself.