WWE: Fans are loving Sasha Banks’ jetpack-assisted DDT in The Mandalorian

Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com
Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com /

Sasha Banks appeared once again in the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, and fans are loving her epic jetpack-assisted DDT.

Reigning WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks appeared today once again in The Mandalorian, once again billed as Mercedes Varnado for her role as Koska Reeves in the Season 2 finale. Fair warning if you haven’t yet seen the episode, there will be spoilers for The Mandalorian here.

Today marked the final episode of Season 2 of Disney Plus’ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Understandably, much of the fanfare is often focused on the central star Pedro Pascal and the beloved and adorable Baby Yoda, recently revealed to be named Grogu.

However, the moment that has WWE fans out of their seats at home while watching the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian comes from SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Originally introduced in the third episode of this season, Banks (going by her legal name Mercedes Varnado) has taken on the role of Koska Reeves in the series.

While not the central Mandalorian we see, Banks dons the traditional Mandalorian armor and has been at the side of Bo-Katan Kryze since her appearance in that episode. Despite the fact that Banks explicitly said she was only in one episode, fans seem to be happy with the lie.

It’s not shocking that Sasha Banks chose to play this one close to the vest, and it made her reappearance in this episode all the more powerful. While last time we got to see Banks interact with the central figure Din Djarin, this episode was the first time we got to see her face to helmet with legendary Star Wars character Boba Fett.

The tensions ran high between them, and it reached such a boiling point that a brief brawl broke out. In the fight, Sasha Banks as Koska Reeves hit an amazing jetpack-assisted DDT where she ran up a nearby wall before driving Boba Fett into the ground so hard he flipped back and through a concrete table. It’s a moment fans have been raving over.


Considering the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian has only been live for a little over 12 hours as of now, it’s safe to say the reactions will only continue to roll in. Sasha Banks has delivered an epic Star Wars moment we’ll all be talking about for years to come, and did so while holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

It legitimately boggles the mind that “SmackDown Women’s Champion hits jetpack-assisted DDT on Boba Fett” is a legitimate and accurate sentence, yet here we are. While The Mandalorian has sadly come to a close for Season 2, fans can keep an eye out for a special behind the scenes look into the filming of the show.

Star Wars announced that a one-hour episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will hit Disney Plus on Christmas, and chances are we can hope to get an inside look at Sasha Banks on the set of The Mandalorian. We might just get the best Christmas gift ever, a look at that very jetpack-assisted DDT that’s sending everyone spiraling.

Fans should also keep an eye on FS1 tonight, as there’s going to be a special edition of Talking Smack airing after tonight’s edition of SmackDown. Sasha Banks is one of several names that have been confirmed for an interview during the show.

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We can also look forward to this Sunday at WWE TLC, where Sasha Banks will be defending her championship against Carmella. If she wants to wrap up one of the most powerful weekends of 2020 for any WWE superstar, we need to see Sasha Banks retain and leave as SmackDown Women’s Champion.