WWE MITB 2021: Predicting Money in the Bank briefcase winners before the Rumble

WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com /
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Men’s WWE MITB 2021 Briefcase Winner: Mustafa Ali

After Mustafa Ali got screwed over by Brock Lesnar at Money in the Bank 2019, it really only makes sense for him to win the briefcase at some point in his career. We have seen Ali hang in the main event scene before, as he basically forced a move from 205 Live to SmackDown because he got over with the crowd during his brief rivalry with Daniel Bryan.

WWE forgot about Ali, dropping the ball on a wrestler who should have been built as a top babyface and now he’s a heel leading the frustratingly-booked faction RETRIBUTION. The members of the faction, especially Ali, have performed well and are talented, but you get the feeling Vince just created this group to bury them.

I’d love to see Ali’s former 205 Live friend/rival Cedric Alexander get the Money in the Bank nod at WWE MITB 2021, but, to be honest, the story with Ali is even more compelling because of his past history with Lesnar.

Ali has world champion written all over him. I honestly can’t think of any up-and-comers in his position who have yet to taste main roster gold who can cut better promos than him. He will take a few minutes of mic time on a phone promo and turn it into something for the weekly highlight reel. Any character or material you give him, Ali will make it a must-listen soundbite.

If WWE keeps the briefcase gimmick going but doesn’t put over the right star next year, fans may finally tune out of the concept completely. Ali is the perfect guy to put over and rectify the abysmal booking decisions the company has made around Money in the Bank in recent years.