WWE: Jey Uso is the Most Improved Superstar of 2020

WWE, The Usos (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images)
WWE, The Usos (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images) /

Nobody could have predicted the standout year that Jey Uso has had. He has shown himself to be a main event player.

The year started off normally for Jey and Jimmy Uso. They were still one of the top tag teams on the roster just with shorter hair. They competed for the tag team titles over on SmackDown and leading into WrestleMania 36. Things would all change for them at WrestleMania as Jimmy Uso would suffer a knee injury putting him out of action for the rest of the year.

Jey was taken off television for a few months as the company worked up a master plan. Jey made his return to replace Big E in a fatal four-way match to determine a number one contender for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. Jey shocked many when he won the match to earn his first-ever world championship match.

The following feud against his cousin Roman Reigns brought out the best of Jey. He stepped out of the tag team spotlight and hasn’t looked back. He has been proving that he can hang with the main eventers. Jey has been doing his best work in the ring going up against former world champions like Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, and his cousin himself.

Jey had his first opportunity against Roman at Clash of the Champions, Jey fought valiantly, but his brother Jimmy threw in the towel to stop the match. Despite losing the match, Jey never was pinned or tapped out. He would get another chance for the Universal Championship but would have to go through hell in order to get it.

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns fought in the first-ever “I Quit” Hell in a Cell match. This match was an emotional and physical war that made Jey look like a brave warrior and Roman a manic dictator.  Roman pushed his cousin to the breaking point and couldn’t do enough damage to him to make him give up. Roman had to resort to desperate measures and attack Jey’s injured brother.

Roman knew that Jey would only say “I quit” to save his brother from further damage. Despite the records books saying 0-2 for Jey, he has never really been “beaten.” Unfortunately, due to losing the match, Jey has become Roman’s, right-hand man, in order to stay in the good graces of the family. As it was said at TLC, Jey Uso is Roman’s number one soldier.

Jey has put his body on the line to make sure that Roman comes out on top. Despite taking the backseat to Roman, Jey is looking to secure spot number two. Reports have Jimmy Uso being cleared to return to action soon. While that is great news for him, it could mean the end of Jey Usos fantastic singles run.

I have always been a fan of The Usos, but I think both men would be fine to move on with their singles careers. However, The Usos have been one of the biggest teams in WWE for a decade. As we have seen Matt and Jeff Hardy reunited so many times, it is hard to keep a good team of brothers apart.

Although, if given the right booking, I could still see Jey Uso stepping up to his cousin once more at WrestleMania 37. Jey was building up popularity like a skyrocket when he was against Roman. If he is pitted against him again, I believe the fans will still be behind him. Jey Uso winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania has a homegrown moment built.

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Jey Uso stepping up against Roman one last time would have all of the fans behind Uso. With his brother Jimmy in his corner, this could be a moment as big as Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston’s WrestleMania moments if done correctly.