WWE SmackDown: Three opponents for Sonya Deville

Sasha Banks, Bayley, WWE SmackDown (photo courtesy of WWE)
Sasha Banks, Bayley, WWE SmackDown (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Sonya Deville made an impact without saying a word when she walked in the doors last Friday on SmackDown.

Sonya Deville just pulled off one of the smoothest returns in history. Without saying a single word, Sonya Deville’s arrival on SmackDown has gotten everyone talking. She has been a standout since arriving on the main roster alongside Paige and Mandy Rose. With the latter in Fire and Desire, Sonya became a household name.

When Sonya took time off television for personal reasons, she was on the brink of breaking out. She was working well as the hated heel against Mandy Rose before being written off via the Loser Leaves Town Match. Now, Sonya Deville is back and she looks ready to pick right where she left off. She didn’t have anything to say yet, so we are still wondering what to expect of Sonya.

She could easily be one of the top heels on SmackDown. However, Sonya has a cool factor to her that could push her as a top babyface as well. Whichever direction Sonya is pushed in, I do not doubt that she will continue to show her solo fire and desire. Looking forward to her future, here are three possible opponents for Sonya.

3. Ruby Riott

When Sonya Deville made her way through the backstage area on SmackDown, many backstage eyes were on her. However, one of the most interesting was Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan who are no strangers to Deville. She looked them up and down before acknowledging them with a sly wink and tongue click as they watched her walk on by.

Sonya Deville has had her battles in the past against the former leader of The Riott Squad. She two have had a few matches against each other in the past down in NXT. However, the two have both grown as stars and a match between them now would be far from what we have seen between them back in 2017.

Ruby would be a great first challenger for Sonya to get her back on track. She two have a history as far back as the fantasy warfare of Riott Squad versus Absolution. I would love to see a match between the two soon. Sonya didn’t look to be impressed by Ruby or Liv. If so, you can expect Ruby Riott to have something to say.

2. Bayley

If Sonya Deville returns to SmackDown with a change of heart, Bayley could be a great choice for her to face. Bayley has overgone a tremendous change of character over the past year. She has gone from the loveable, friendly babyface to one of the most despised people in the company. She has turned on all of the fans, her peers, and her best friend.

If Sonya Deville would be positioned to turn face, a complete change in character, maybe Bayley could lead her way. Bayley has the star value to be a valuable asset to Sonya’s career moving forward if the two feuded. Sonya came up short in her first major singles feud against long time partner Mandy Rose to take time off. Something Bayley isn’t a stranger too.

She needs a big win against a big name to be able to get herself on the right path. There aren’t many people on the roster that would be bigger to beat than Bayley. She was the face of SmackDown’s women division for the majority of 2020. At this point, a win over Bayley is a big as a win over the champion as contention goes. Beat Bayley and the champion is clearly next.

3. Sasha Banks

The most obvious choice for a returning star is to push them as a major threat. We have recently seen Carmella make her return to television by targeting the champion. Although Carmella has come up short against Sasha Banks, maybe Sonya Deville would have a different run of luck. Deville has an MMA background and can take any woman to the limit.

Sasha would have one of her toughest challenges to date if Sonya Deville comes in her path. Returning to SmackDown right before the Royal Rumble, Sonya could be primed for big things. The Royal Rumble would be a great place for Sonya to make a name for herself and earn a shot at Sasha Banks. If not win the rumble, still impress enough to get everyone talking.

Sonya could become one of the top women in the company if given the opportunity to do so. A feud with the boss, win or lose, would mean a lot for Sonya’s career. She is still looking for her first opportunity to break out as a singles star. Sasha Banks could help her cement herself as a viable asset in the company like she is.

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