AEW: When That Time Comes, It Will Belong to “Hangman” Page

AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

Kenny Omega’s AEW World Championship reign promises to be historic, but when it comes to its end, it may come by a Hangman’s noose.

It is almost hard to believe that Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page were AEW Tag Team Champions not that long ago. Since losing the tag team gold, Kenny Omega refocused himself on being a singles star, and refocus he did. Kenny has overgone a complete change of character, as he has moved far away from the relative white-meat babyface role he has played since his arrival in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

“The Cleaner” inside has been awoken and now Omega is back on fire. He has returned to his mega heel roots and is getting back to the Kenny Omega fans knew in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. After many said that he was “falling off,” Omega has the wrestling world talking about him once again. Now arguably the top draw in two companies, so far, nothing has stopped “The Cleaner’s” clean sweep.

He is on the top of the world with his “good brothers”, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, backing him all the way. Kenny is about to make his in-ring debut for Impact Wrestling tonight at Hard To Kill. This may be one of the highest drawing pay-per-views that Impact has had in years thanks to Omega’s drawing power, thus bolstering what could end up being the best run in Omega’s career.

Omega has carried the weight of a company on his shoulders before. He has it in him to help promote AEW and Impact Wrestling alike and allow the rest of the talent to shine. I don’t see Kenny’s momentum halting any time soon. He should have a lengthy reign as champion and could possibly even get his hands on the Impact World Championship too.

However, we should also talk about who needs to be the man to take the AEW World Championship off of Omega in the future. When it comes the time for Kenny to lose the championship, it needs to be to his former tag team partner, “Hangman” Adam Page.

Page, of course, is no stranger to world title matches; he, opposite Chris Jericho, participated in the first-ever AEW World Championship match. Jericho came out victorious on that night, but everyone was able to see and hear the fanbase rally behind Page in the months following. He has become one of the top stars in AEW and fans are still waiting for him to pull off some “cowboy s***” and become the AEW World Champion. Page has shown that he can become the top babyface in the company.

Omega got the upper hand on Page at Full Gear in November to win the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament. Though Page carried his own and looked like he could have won the match on multiple occasions, Omega walked out of Full Gear the winner and number one contender. He went on to beat Jon Moxley to become the AEW World Champion.

Page won’t likely forget that moment anytime soon. He was so close to getting another opportunity for the world championship. Instead, he had to watch his former partner, the man who beat him, go on to beat Moxley with underhanded tactics. Ever since, Hangman has been quiet about Kenny’s recent attitude change and actions.

However, it is safe to say that he isn’t done with Omega. He is sitting back and watching his old friend become more of a jerk. He is probably shaking his head in disappointment and having a cold one for the time being. But when the right time comes, expect the cowboy to ride into battle against his old partner once more and catch Omega with his guard down.

The rematch between these two down the line can knock their first encounter out of the park. Kenny is on the verge of becoming the top heel in the business. If AEW books Page right, he can become the top babyface in the business, setting the stage for a huge clash between the two. This bout could be the match of the year, but I am getting ahead of myself.

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It could be a long way down the road from now, but Page should be the one to take the AEW World Championship from Omega. What do you think? Should it be “Hangman” or is somebody else better fit to take the title from Kenny?