Bobby Lashley: ‘This is the year for me’

WWE, Bobby Lashley
WWE, Bobby Lashley /

Bobby Lashley has been on a tear and it’s time to put him into the main event with a run as WWE champion. 

When a wrestler is booked strongly in the WWE leadership regards that person highly. Think about names like Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Karrion Kross. Each is treated like dominating machines and has tasted the top gold in their brand at some point. There is booked in the same fashion, but for some reason, the championship remains outside their reach. That person is Bobby Lashley, and it is time to make that change happen while he’s still a member of the WWE roster.

At 44-years old, Lashley is enjoying one of the best runs of his career. The CEO of the Hurt Business is the current WWE United States champion and heading into Elimination Chamber to defend said title against Matt Riddle and Keith Lee. While this should be an entertaining match, it is time to push Lashley out of this mid-card feud and into the main event picture.

“The world title, that’s been my priority since I came back,” says Lashley while speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. “That hasn’t changed. When I returned to WWE, I came in and paid respect to the guys who were here. Ever since I’ve been focused on taking steps to show I am the guy.”

Lashley does not have anything to prove. A former champion across multiple promotions and has held various titles within the WWE – Lashley is legit. He also boasts a 15-2 mixed martial arts record that should not be ignored. WWE Creative recognizes this, and his current record is proof of that point. Unfortunately, he remains a part of the middle card where the Hurt Business, a main event act, continues to exist and even hint at a potential split. WWE cannot be trusted to not miss out on the opportunity to build Lashley and the Hurt Business into a main event unit.

Booking Lashley so strongly helps raise the prestige of the United States title. When it is finally removed from his waist, hopefully, that momentum will travel over to the next man with the belt. As with anything else, that is contingent upon the booking that person receives along the way. But for Lashley, the question remains what the long-term goal for is booking him so strongly if those big moments are not on the horizon. Imagine a true title program against McIntyre, and perhaps another feud against Brock Lesnar – those are the types of programs that define a legacy.

“Adding Brock always adds a lot,” Lashley said during the interview. “He’s as real as it gets, and he’s someone I want in the ring. So, I am open to that, but me and Drew can do it on our own, too. There are a lot of options, which is great for everyone.”

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Hopefully, Lashley gets to take advantage of those options before the end of his career. He has everything needed to be a WWE champion, especially with MVP and the rest of the Hurt Business by his side. Will he get that opportunity is the real question, and hopefully, the answer comes in the affirmative.