WWE: Jeff Hardy deserves one more push to the top

Jeff Hardy is one of the biggest daredevils to step between the WWE ropes. The Charismatic Enigma has no fear and can jump off a show stage, a production truck, and a ladder at ease. Over the years of his work in wrestling, the moves became dangerous as the obstacles became higher. Jeff, along with his brother Matt, left an indelible mark in the tag team division of WWE, but things seem to be off for the former WWE Champion for quite some time now. The former tag team champion is on a downward spiral, and that hasn’t gone well with the WWE Universe.

Hardy has proven his mettle on various occasions, including fighting his drug addiction habit in real life and as an angle on television. The Eighteenth Triple Crown Champion set the benchmark for the tag team division to follow, and he continues to inspire with his work. WWE, on the other hand, hasn’t utilized him to his strengths as of late. His match against Jinder Mahal on this week’s episode of Raw showcased the lack of opportunity to prove his skills and put on a show. The Modern-Day Maharaja was in complete control of the match from start to finish.

Fans started speculating if this is the end for Jeff Hardy in the company, and is that a reason why the Ninth Grand Slam Champion hasn’t got quality matches. The former WCW tag team champion signed a deal with WWE a year ago, and he still has two to three years left until the contract expires. If this is true, then the big question remains that how is Jeff not getting his due? Is this a method implied by WWE to get some heat from the WWE Universe and increase Raw ratings as people may watch the show in hopes of Jeff picking up a victory?

Hardy has a lot left in the tank, and the high-flyer can give the fans some more breathtaking moments. His work makes him a WWE Hall of Fame worthy, but is the company doing this to make it an underdog story. Members of the WWE Universe felt that this could be WWE’s way of punishing Jeff for Matt’s decision to join the rival company. The big question remains that how does punishing Jeff have any impact on Matt and AEW’s viewership.

Matt was taken aback by the treatment given to his brother and shared a tweet that gave wrestling fans a moment to cheer. The Hardy Boyz have enthralled fans with excitement and uncertainty, and this happened when they returned after a long hiatus at WrestleMania 33. The Sensei of Mattitude posed the question if the fans want to see them end the career together. He also answered a user’s question during his Twitter Q&A on the same topic.

If this becomes a reality, then the fans will be thrilled because they have become fans of the high-flying, risk-taking daredevils that love to defy gravity and cause havoc in-ring and break bones and ladders alike. The Hardy Boyz have made a considerable contribution to the business, and one cannot deny that their coming together will be nothing short of nostalgia.

The revered team deserves another chance so that the fans get to witness that even though they started their careers at a young age and are now closing in on their fifties, they are still not ‘Broken.’

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