Maria Kanellis provides her thoughts on the WWE Evolution event

Maria Kanellis is no longer a WWE superstar, and she is not holding anything back to speak facts. WWE released the former 24/7 Champion in April 2020, along with her husband, Mike Benett. Maria opened up on a wide variety of aspects during her appearance on Women’s Wrestling Talk.

Her release came as a shock as she was pregnant at that time, and there were no indications that WWE would release her. Maria was very vocal on the Women’s Wrestling Talk and spoke her mind about the female superstars and her vision for women’s wrestling.

Maria said that she wants superstars to be known not just as someone who wrestles between the ropes or cuts promos but as a person. Every individual has a journey, a struggle, and happy moments, and people would want to know you better. Kanellis explains that women’s wrestling doesn’t receive respect from the fans, and that is because WWE doesn’t invest in promoting women’s wrestling as they do for the men’s division.

Maria believes that if WWE or wrestling promotions, in general, invest more time in making women’s wrestling plausible, there are no boundaries that the women can’t break and set a new benchmark. As per Maria, if the fans wouldn’t have voiced their opinion on a second Evolution show, the company would have never thought of it at all.

Fans are asking for a second installment of the Evolution show, which happened in October of 2018. Maria stated that she received input from Mark Carrano. He served as the Senior Director of Talent Relations in WWE until WWE removed him from his role after he mismanaged superstar’s belongings and Mickie James raised her voice against it. [Credit: Women’s Wrestling Talk, H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription]

It’s shocking to know that such things happened behind the scenes, but it also raises questions on whether WWE takes its women’s wrestling seriously. We have seen repeated and bad matches, one superstar getting a championship match at all times, and a performer like Shayna Baszler feeling worried in a bizarre segment on this week’s episode of Monday Nights. If this is a sign, one can understand the importance that the wrestling juggernaut feels for its women’s wrestling division and how this will pan out in the weeks that follow.

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