Shayna Baszler’s questionable booking on the main roster

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Is the Queen of Spades tumbling due to a creative issue?

Shayna Baszler is a name that you resonate with power, skill, performance and anything positive, but the former NXT Women’s Champion has seen better days within the WWE. She made an interesting debut when she bit Becky Lynch to show her aggressive side. Things have gone downhill for the superstar in the last year and a half, where she has worked in roles that don’t match her caliber.

The two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion has worked on Monday Nights, but she didn’t get the opportunity to show her talent in one on one competition. Former NXT superstar Rhea Ripley appeared on Raw and is now the Raw Women’s Champion, while a performer that debuted a year ago still awaits her time to shine as a singles performer. It all went downhill after she lost her tag team titles as she fought Reginald last week.

WWE Universe was in shock after the turn of events, but it seems like WWE understood their mistake and is trying to rectify it. There are always two sides to a story, and this time around, she is playing the heel. Alexa Bliss invited her to Alexa’s playground, but what transpired next shocked the fans. This main event segment saw The Queen of Spades stomp Lilly, which led to inexplicable moments backstage. Shayna is a strong performer, but it looks like the WWE wants to showcase that she also fears few things. Will it help her? Do we think it is right?

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If we try to dive into Vince’s approach, it looks like Baszler will be troubled by Lilly and her friend Alexa Bliss. WWE is continuing with Alexa Bliss as a tormented superstar who doesn’t accept ill words towards her. Is this effort to keep the hopes and dreams of The Fiend’s return? Will it serve the fans? The answer to these questions is yes and no, respectively.

WWE needs to understand that dragging a character beyond a designated time only results in burnout, and we have seen it happen with so many performers. WWE wouldn’t want to waste two of its talented superstars in a storyline that doesn’t help anyone. The fans don’t want Alexa playing this role, and Shayna looks weak in this storyline. It is a contrast to how her character has looked during her entire WWE career.

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Shayna deserves a push, and Alexa can serve as the right opponent to put her over, but this role of Alexa Bliss and Lilly adds value to neither the storyline nor their characters. It’s about time that WWE switches things up and showcases them in real action instead of showcasing Alexa as a possessed person. The use of supernatural effects will only drain this storyline, and in turn, relegate them.

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