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Britt Baker broke barriers and set the fans abuzz when she fought with Thunder Rosa in a “Light’s Out” match in the main event of AEW Dynamite. She and Rosa put everything on the line to give the fans what they wanted, entertainment. The state of Women’s wrestling has changed over the years, and it’s due to the amazing women that have stepped between the ropes and given it their all without looking back at what may happen and how people will perceive their work.

Chyna is the first female superstar that shattered boundaries back in the day when women’s wrestling wasn’t substantial, or as was told to Mickie James,’ Women’s Wrestling doesn’t bring in money.’ Female superstars have taken the division from bikini and panty matches to a time where female superstars get due consideration. Chyna, Mickie James, Trish Stratus were part of a different era, but who inspired the current AEW Women’s Champion?

Britt Baker says she was inspired by Sasha Banks and Bayley.

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Britt Baker spoke with fans during a panel at Steel City Comic-Con. The dentist surely knows a thing or two about breaking teeth, and she put everything on the line to deliver her best performance. Britt planned on being a wrestler in 2015, back when Bayley and Sasha Banks were headlining shows in NXT. The two put forth a match that is still revered and referred to by wrestling experts, wrestlers and fans alike to talk about the growth of women’s wrestling.

Britt is friends with Bayley and other WWE superstars, and she wants to fight either “The Role Model” (which is also one of Baker’s nicknames) or “The Legit Boss”. The choices are great, and people would love to see them in a match against Baker. Bayley held her ground and carried the SmackDown women’s roster during the pandemic. Banks has not appeared on WWE TV since losing her SmackDown Women’s Title to Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 37.

Baker and Rosa broke every bone and shattered any preconceived notions about women’s wrestling. They put on a match that fans loved, and if Baker, Bayley, or Banks decide to cross paths sometime down the line, then the bout will be exemplary. It would be nice to see if the AEW Women’s Champion switches companies, as her boyfriend is in WWE NXT, or when Sasha or Bayley decide to move out of the WWE and have the freedom to fight as per their plans.

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With Bayley and Banks being great talkers, expect nothing but absolute competition and domination by Baker. It will turn heads because the match will be more grandeur than anything we have seen in the women’s wrestling division. If AEW and WWE reach terms of agreement where the two can share talent, this match will enter the women’s bout of the century.

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