WWE Money in the Bank: Three men that need to win

Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Drew McIntyre, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

The Money In The Bank is an important annual event for the WWE as it helps create new stars. Big E gets his first opportunity in the match and can go for the prize. It could be Big E’s time, and maybe the company wants him to be the next big and breakout star in 2022 or before. If that is the case or not, we will know at the show, but these three superstars deserve to win the briefcase and claim their right at a match against their chosen champion within the time frame of a year.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has not backed down from a fight and is always ready to hit his nemesis’ out of the equation. He enters the match with momentum by his side, and one wouldn’t be surprised if he clears the house during his bout.

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Big E and Drew McIntyre’s face-off will be a way to hint at a possible storyline happening after the draft. The two are powerhouses, and there’s no reason why he or they, in general, shouldn’t get their moment to shine. Big E worked well with The New Day, and his singles run no different, so if he comes down on Drew McIntyre, then there shouldn’t be a surprise, but Drew always has one up over his opponents in the bout.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has the gift of gab, and he can go to extreme levels to inflict pain on his opponents. While Nakamura, Rollins, and others make a good impression, they have seen their moments, and there will be nothing wrong if they lose it to Owens.

Owens’ feud with Zayn gave remarkable memories, and if he gets the briefcase, then the two can fight over it before Kevin Owens becomes the next champion down the line. Owens hasn’t had a great 2021, but this win may help erase negativity.

Big E

The singles opportunity came into being thanks to a recommendation by the Planet Champion, but it looks like he may go beyond the realm of possibilities. Singles action or tag-team performance, Big E has left no stone unturned to turn the fans in favor of his singles run.

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He had a quality feud with Apollo Crews and his team member Commander Azeez, but it is about time to move on from it and into the new. A quality match to prove his mettle and the possibility of an opportunity against The Tribal Chief will help him. He can always cash in the briefcase at a later time and make it count.

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