AEW: Five free agent wrestlers that would be a big deal

WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Murphy (photo courtesy of WWE) /

AEW is currently building the best wrestling roster we have seen since the WWE took in talent from ECW and WCW. So far, AEW has successfully grabbed talent who isn’t used to their full potential in the WWE. Now that AEW will be traveling again and doing live shows, they need to make up for 2020 and make a statement in professional wrestling.

AEW needs to put together a storyline that can help attract the fans’ interest and attract people who might have stopped watching wrestling because they didn’t feel connected to it anymore. In this article, we will be looking at the five free agents that AEW should sign to help establish them as the top wrestling company in the world.

5.Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy Smith Jr’s contract with MLW ended in December of 2020, which made him one of the hottest free agents in wrestling. His early run with WWE made him an easy target for a return to the company because since he left in 2011 he has become one of the best wrestlers in the world. Davey Boy Smith would be perfect for AEW because of the legacy that comes with his name.

4. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman being released by the WWE is still one of the biggest surprises of the year because he was a Universal Champion a year ago and because he was involved in a high-profile WrestleMania match a couple of months ago. Braun Strowman has the physical presence of a wrestler from the golden age of professional wrestling. On the microphone, Strowman has become of the best speaking big men in wrestling today, and he can deliver in the ring.

3. Buddy Murphy 

Buddy Murphy is a very talented wrestler who could be used well in AEW because of his skills in the ring. Buddy Murphy in a match with Kenny Omega would be a fantastic match because both wrestlers have similar moves set. Buddy Murphy is the type of wrestler who can do it all from chain wrestling, strikes, and high-flying action. Murphy would be the perfect choice to lead them if AEW was to create their Cruiserweight or X division type division.

2. Tessa Blanchard 

Tessa Blanchard signing with AEW is something that I thought would have happened because of her father. She has been M.I.A from wrestling since the start of the pandemic. The way that she left Impact Wrestling wasn’t the type of way anyone should leave their job, especially one that made her a bigger star. Signing Tessa Blanchard may come with some drama because she has treated people in the past, but signing her would make AEW Women’s division the strongest women’s division in professional wrestling today, and AEW needs more women for their division.

1.CM Punk

CM Punk hasn’t been signed to a professional wrestling company since 2014. If CM Punk was to decide to wrestle again, AEW would be the best company to join because he would have the freedom he always wanted in the WWE. CM Punk signing with AEW would be the company’s biggest signing date because it would bring mainstream attention to the company they have never seen.  On September 5, 2021, AEW will have their ALL Out Pay-Per-View in Chicago, which has the internet going crazy because that would be the perfect place for CM Punk to debut with AEW in his hometown.

The storylines that AEW could do involving CM Punk would be must-see television every Wednesday. AEW has only been around for almost three years, and in that three years that have managed to create a professional wrestling company that can rival the WWE and even at times be better than the WWE. If CM Punk were to sign to AEW, this would be the closes thing we would ever get to a Hulk Hogan leaving WWF to sign with WCW moment.

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