Samoa Joe is the perfect opponent to send Karrion Kross to the main roster

Karrion Kross, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE)
Karrion Kross, WWE (photo courtesy of WWE) /

With Karrion Kross demolishing opponent after opponent, it’s quite clear that he is being groomed for the main roaster. He is definitely on his way to being “made,” so perhaps Samoa Joe is the perfect opponent to send Karrion Kross to the main roster, where Kross can have his dreams of main-eventing WrestleMania realized.

Their careers parallel each other

And why is it such a great idea? Well…at the end of the day, their careers run in almost perfect parallels. They both rose to the top of Impact Wrestling, dominating on that roster at the respective times they each had runs there, and upon their entrance into WWE via NXT, they left very little to be desired.

The attitude they share is also similar: Joe putting forth more of the athletic brawler personality that hardly ever smiles, and Kross (he doesn’t smile either, and when he does, he looks insane) leaning more towards the darker side of wrestling personalities, but that similar level of intensity is present in every action they each take and have taken over the years.

In recent weeks, Kross and Joe were like freight trains destined to collide on some dark railway in the high mountains. A storm was brewing and it was palpable in the air that circulated around both men every time they shared the screen. The fans could sense it at the Capitol Wrestling Center and at home. It was imminent, really, and finally, all that tension culminated into Kross finally laying his hands on Joe this past week, after Joe had served as special referee for Gargano’s match against Kross. Kross placed Joe in the Kross Jacket.

The attack was unwarranted, as Joe did what was called of him; he didn’t hesitate when Kross pinned Gargano (in fact, some would consider that the count was a tad fast, but whatever), and Kross still put his hands on the man who is to keep order, until provoked, over at NXT.

We’d say that he was definitely provoked, and all that’s left to see now is what will Samoa Joe do next week?

Will these events lead to a one-on-one fight, or not?


According to an article at WrestlingInc, Joe isn’t exactly allowed to compete yet, as he wasn’t yet medically able. This was as of June.

According to some statements he made in an interview with Sports Illustrated, however, he hasn’t exactly put the idea of getting back in the ring in a match out to pasture quite so fast:

“Guys on the roster, they’ve told me they want this matchup, too…I couldn’t really pay heed to that when I was on Raw. Those matchups weren’t going to happen then. But now I’m here. Let’s see if they’re still as loud.”

To say that Joe won’t get even with Kross is not possible. Rest assured that he will, but what is not known exactly is what capacity his vengeance will be in.

Kross is destined for the top

Kross has shades of an older school. Dare I say it, but he would have fit quite comfortably in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression era, going against the likes of Steve Austin, Booker T, John Cena, Batista and Orton. For now, Orton and Cena are still possible, but of course, time will only tell.

But he needs to get to the main roster first, and if he is to go there soon, he needs to have the most epic send-off, which is why a match with the legend, Samoa Joe, would be perfect.

Usually, NXT stars lose a considerable amount of matches on their way out of NXT, putting the younger members of the roster over, but not always. If Kross goes out on top, even defeating Joe, should they face each other on the way out, he can enter the main roster (hopefully Raw, as talent is so desperately needed there right now) with so much momentum, it would be hard to contain.

Much like the aforementioned Batista, Kross seems to have gotten his start a tad late in the wrestling business, both started at age  30. A martial artist, Kross fit into the world of pro wrestling like a glove.

It was in 2015 that he made the scene and made quick work of hitting some pretty major companies…Global Force Wrestling, Lucha Underground, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and of course, Impact. The now 35-year-old then landed in WWE/NXT in 2020, only five years after his first appearance at Global Force.

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The match up wouldn’t only be a great way to send Kross to the main roster, but it would in fact be an epic battle to be remembered through the ages. Fingers crossed, folks.