NXT: Dakota Kai versus Raquel Gonzalez would be an interesting title story

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There are a lot of great stories being told in professional wrestling. The story of Adam Page and Kenny Omega in All Elite Wrestling and the Roman Reigns developments on SmackDown stand out as two prime examples. There is another story being told in NXT that has the potential to capture a lot of attention if done right, and that is the story of Dakota Kai versus Raquel Gonzalez.

Since Raquel Gonzalez’s debut on NXT, there has been one woman who has been by her side often, Dakota Kai. Initially, it was Kai that leveraged Gonzalez as the backup when she was feuding with Tegan Nox and during her initial attempt to become NXT Women’s champion. Along the way, it would Gonzalez that continued to shine. Slowly but surely, her presence began to catch up to Kai and eventually eclipsed her. In many ways, that moment came at NXT War Games in 2020 where Gonzalez pinned then champion, Io Shirai.

Kai and Gonzalez would go on to capture the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles, but that only lasted for a few hours before they dropped the titles to Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. Gonzalez went on to become champion, and Kai has her mind dead set on getting those tag team titles back. Whether Gonzalez wants to focus on those titles or not. At some point, Gonzalez is going to be fed up with the idea of chasing those belts just so Kai can have titles of her own and that is where the “friendship” begins to crumble.

Plus, look at how the rest of the women’s division overlooks Kai on a frequent basis. When Shirai wanted to face Gonzalez, she approached both women in the ring, only to walk by Kai as if she was not there. Xia Li did the same thing on last week’s edition of NXT, showing that Kai is nothing more than an afterthought. Mercedes Martinez had the same reaction to Kai’s presence as well. And every time it happens, the anger on Kai’s face is easy to read.

The story is there. At some point, Kai is going to get jealous and frustrated around the idea of she is being second to anyone, especially Gonzalez. Gonzalez goes by the nickname “Big Mami Cool” as a callout to Kevin Nash. The development of this storyline also runs remarkably like the initial introduction of Nash as Diesel when he was the second to Shawn Michaels. There are some differences, but one must wonder how much inspiration is being drawn from that history.

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Dakota Kai is a special talent on the NXT women’s division and she consistently delivers in the ring. It will be interesting to see if creative take on the story of her turning on Gonzalez out of frustration that the woman that started out as her heater now has the spotlight. It is an intriguing story that would be something to watch at the top of the NXT women’s division.