Cody Rhodes Wants to Run an AEW Show in the United Kingdom

AEW, Cody Rhodes (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company)
AEW, Cody Rhodes (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company) /

All Elite Wrestling is back touring around the country and it seems that it may not be long until we see them in Great Britain, at least according to AEW Executive Vice President and active roster member Cody Rhodes.

In AEW’s Media Call (audio provided by Fightful) before the special edition of Wednesday Night Dynamite: Homecoming, Rhodes spoke about the company’s touring schedule in the United States, including rescheduling shows that were supposed to happen during the pandemic, to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy. The former TNT Champion stated the following about wanting to take Dynamite across the Atlantic Ocean:

"“Domestically, we – Raphael (Morffi), Chris Harrington, the EVPs, and Tony Khan- have a layout of where we’d like to go and we have a lot of shows, that would be make-up shows, that we have locked in because of the global pandemic and everything that happened to all of us. We’ve got a great calendar strong out ahead of us and it’s fairly well mapped out. I don’t want to give a false number on that, but there is a full touring schedule from East Coast to the West Coast.”"

A British Dream for The American Nightmare

He followed up this quote with some intriguing information, as he revealed that he and AEW are interested in running a show in the United Kingdom, specifically stating that he would have liked having his match against Anthony Ogogo from Double or Nothing in this territory. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion said the following:

"“When it comes to the United Kingdom, and I feel like I eat my words on this, but it wasn’t my fault that the Global Pandemic happened, but the United Kingdom is a massive part of what we do. It’s massive and they’re some of the best wrestling fans on the planet and I had always envisioned that match with Anthony Ogogo was meant to happen in the United Kingdom. I just would revel in that whole patriotic battle. “"

Rhodes specified that a journey to the United Kingdom is not a guarantee yet due to the ongoing issues with the ongoing pandemic and its effects on both the United States and in the United Kingdom, but he did mention that he hopes that it is something that gets to materialize to satisfy the British fans and their TV partner, ITV.

The lackluster feud between Rhodes and Ogogo caused a lot of concerns with the audience, which was fired up thanks to an extremely problematic promo by the Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling, which was covered by Daily DDT’s own Raphael Garcia. Rhodes went on to defeat Ogogo via pinfall at Double or Nothing.

Rhodes is set to continue his heated rivalry with new AEW wrestler and former NXT Champion Malakai Black, in a headline-grabbing match in Dynamite: Homecoming. The former Aleister Black/Tommy End debuted on the July 7 episode of Dynamite, attacking Rhodes and Arn Anderson with his Black Mass finisher.

Cody also refused to discuss any rumors regarding CM Punk and Daniel Bryan during the call, despite both wrestlers been linked to joining the company within the past week.

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