AEW: Christian Cage has to win the Impact World Title on Rampage

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All Elite Wrestling is debuting a new show tonight at 10 pm on TNT called AEW Rampage. The first match in Rampage history is Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage for the Impact Championship. The funny thing about this match is both wrestlers are also facing each other a couple of weeks later at All Out. But this time AEW championship will be on the line. Since both wrestlers are facing each other, Cage should win at least one of those matches. And the match that he should win is the Impact title match.

It’s surprising that Cage has two title matches because everyone thought that Hangman Page will be the one to face Omega at All Out. But it was rumored that Page was removed from the match because he wanted time off.

It’s pretty clear that Tony Khan and the rest of the people in charge of creative want Page to be the one to beat Omega and win the AEW championship. So, Cage is most likely being a placeholder until Page comes back. But what makes things confusing is tonight’s opening match.

It’s confusing because if Cage beats Omega and wins the Impact championship, Omega’s undefeated winning streak is now over. That makes Page’s eventual win a bit meaningless because Omega already lost.

Why Cage should win the Impact championship at AEW Rampage?

If Cage loses tonight, then you make Cage look like the biggest loser because he’s a loser in two different title matches against the same guy. There is a chance that he could win the AEW championship, but we all know that he won’t win that match. At least this scenario will make Page’s title win impactful.

There is a chance that the match ends via Disqualification or count-out. But if they decide to do that finish, that’s a bad idea. You can not do a DQ or count-out finish in the first match of a new show. This put a bad taste in people’s mouths.

So, there must be a winner by pinfall or submission in tonight’s match. And that man should be Christian Cage. It makes their match at All Out more meaningful if Cage wins. He took one belt away from Omega; he could do it again with this time taking the AEW title.

Ever since Cage debuted at Revolution, he wanted to show everyone that he still has it after seven years away from the ring. A few months later, everyone found out that he still got it because his record on the AEW ranking system is 6-0 as a singles competitor and 8-0 overall. That makes him the number one contender for the AEW or TNT championships. Both wrestlers had a face-to-face months ago when Cage made his first-ever AEW Dynamite appearance. It was obvious that they were teasing a match.

Assuming Cage wins, it will be nice to see him back in Impact for the first time in 13 years. It will be cool to see him face Chris Bey, Sami Callihan, Moose, Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, Rich Swan, Willie Mack and etc. Cage can be there until he drops the belt to someone on the Impact roster. This situation can keep Cage busy until AEW needs him back.

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It does take away the impact from Page’s eventual win a bit. That’s why I don’t get the reason to have Cage in two different world championship matches. Whatever the reasoning is for this decision besides having a big match on a new show, I hope it doesn’t affect Page’s win too much. If Cage loses tonight, I hope they have a unique finish that can satisfy the fans. Otherwise, Cage should win tonight.