Becky Lynch & Brock Lesnar Return! SummerSlam 2021 Results

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 05: WWE Superstar Becky Lynch Celebrate's Wrestlemania 35 at The Empire State Building on April 05, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 05: WWE Superstar Becky Lynch Celebrate's Wrestlemania 35 at The Empire State Building on April 05, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) /

The biggest party of the summer has taken place, and we got the results for SummerSlam 2021!

It may be a little less surprising to say, but SummerSlam has been touted by WWE as the biggest Pay Per View of this year, especially since WWE held their largest crowd since their return to the road. Because of how big the show is, big names like John Cena and Goldberg are involved in the show with marquee matches on the card.

While the news of CM Punk’s debut on All Elite Wrestling shook the world to its core, WWE has a deep roster and a card stacked enough to make sure their biggest show of the summer can stand out from the crowd, and we will break down everything that went down. Here are the results for the 2021 edition of SummerSlam.

Kickoff Show match: Big E vs Baron Corbin

The first match of the show took place during the pre-show, as it pitted the Money in the Bank winner, Big E, facing off against Baron Corbin. This match was set up throughout the past two weeks after Corbin stole Big E’s MITB Briefcase.

This was a random match just placed in for the sake of having a match on the pre-show, with Big E getting his heat back by defeating Baron Corbin and regaining his Money in The Bank Briefcase. There was a great spot where Corbin tried to leave the match but got pounced by Big E onto the Barricade. Big E hit Corbin with The Big Ending for the win.

Big E defeats Baron Corbin via Pinfall

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle)

Next up was the anticipated match between the team of AJ Styles & Omos and the team of Randy Orton & Matt Riddle for the Raw Tag Team Championships. RK-Bro has been the best thing on Monday Night Raw since their one-on-one match on the April 19 edition of the show, with the two having incredible chemistry and great comedic timing.

As for the champs, Omos has been improving at a rapid pace with Styles on his side as his mentor. While Omos has looked like a monster since beating The New Day at WrestleMania, it would be intriguing if WWE pulled the trigger on RK-Bro and giving them the Raw Tag Team Championships.

The match went at a rapid pace, with Riddle and Omos being the heart of the match. Omos was dominating Riddle. The match reached its peak when Omos Chokeslammed Riddle onto the ring on the outside.

In the end, Orton hit AJ Styles with a singular RKO and it laid the former WWE Champion for good, simultaneously crowning new Raw Tag Team Champions. It will be interesting how WWE treats the Tag Division with Randy and Riddle as the champions, but this is a reward for them being the best WWE act on the worst WWE program.

RK-Bro defeat AJ Styles & Omos, becoming the new Raw Tag Team Champions. 

Eva Marie vs Alexa Bliss

From the best part of Monday Night Raw, we go to the worst part of the show as we see Eva Marie face Alexa Bliss in a singles match. This feud has been abysmal, with the build centering around Lilly’s magical powers. This storyline has been the constant negative of Raw, with Eva Marie not getting the heat to make this feud captivating.

Like most of this feud, the match was booked poorly, as it went for a good four minutes. Eva Marie slapped Bliss with Lilly and then proceeded to slap Lilly around. Alexa went on an onslaught on Marie and hit her with the Modified DDT for the win.

After the match, Doudrop grabbed the microphone and stated this: “The loser of this match, Eva Marie!!!”. Viper deserves better, and this storyline is not doing the talented British wrestler any favors in her run on the Main Roster. The match was clouded with “We Want Wyatt” chants, and the quality of the angle merited the dismay from the crowd.

Alexa Bliss defeats Eva Marie via pinfall

United States Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs Damian Priest

Up to more good things, the next match was Damian Priest vs Sheamus for the United States Championship.

Damian Priest has been undefeated in singles competition since he came up from NXT back in January in the Royal Rumble, including winning a marquee match alongside Bad Bunny against Miz & Morrison; however, he has not had the privilege of wrestling other people aside from The Miz and “America’s Moist Wanted”. Luckily, Sheamus came to the rescue and provided him with a program for the United States Championship, which was built after Priest defeated Sheamus in a Championship Contender’s Match.

The match itself showcased both wrestlers’ sensational work, with Sheamus working on the legs of Priest while the latter worked on the champion’s damaged face. In between that, Priest hit a wonderful running Tornado DDT on the Champion, which is incredibly impressive for a guy of his size.

The match reached its climax after Priest managed to get a hold of the protective mask of Sheamus, which left the champion dumbfounded. The challenger hit Sheamus with a roundhouse kick and followed it up with The Reckoning for the pinfall victory, crowning him the new United States Champion. Let’s hope this reign is more fruitful for Priest than it was for Sheamus, but both men delivered a quality match with a loud crowd to complement it.

Damian Priest defeated Sheamus via pinfall, becoming the new WWE United States Champion.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (c) vs Dominik and Rey Mysterio

The Usos and the Mysterios battled for the second Pay Per View in a row for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. This feud has consisted of both teams facing each other in singles competition in multiple variations, which is incredibly frustrating, as the talent involved are sensational and they have done great work with the constraints.

If you liked their previous encounter in last month’s Money in The Bank, you will enjoy this one, as the layout was very similar to the July match. Rey Mysterio had an extremely hot tag, culminating with him hitting Jimmy with a Tornado DDT from a springboard moonsault.

Rey would hit the 619, but he would get hit with Jimmy’s knees after attempting a Frog Splash from the top rope. The Usos would hit Rey with stereo superkicks, which was followed by a Frog Splash and a pinfall for the retention of the championship.

The Usos defeat The Mysterios, retaining the SamckDown Tag Team Championships

When the Boss is missing, The Man Fills in!

It may not be the biggest match on the card, but this has been the most anticipated match of SummerSlam. After their historic main event on Night One of WrestleMania 37, which was universally praised and earned both wrestlers an ESPY Award, Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair was something everyone was looking forward to. With that being said, the main thing discussed would be if Belair and Banks would deliver in the anticipated sequel.

Unfortunately, that speculation had to wait, as it was reported by WrestlingINC that Banks was not cleared to compete in the anticipated rematch against Belair. This was confirmed by Greg Hamilton after Bianca’s entrance. Carmella was announced as the replacement, but it was all a well-placed swerve as it led to the biggest return WWE could do.

After more than a year missing, Becky Lynch made her triumphant return, storming into the ring, which led to her beating up Carmella and taking her spot as Bianca’s challenger. Out of nowhere, we had a modern dream match in the women’s division, as we were going to witness Bianca Belair, the biggest up-and-comer in WWE, against Becky Lynch, the biggest star in WWE’s Women’s Division. Things then took another huge turn, and it was more shocking than anything.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs Becky Lynch

The wrestlers shook hands, but Becky hit Bianca with an elbow and hit her with a Man-Handle Slam for the pinfall win, becoming the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. Twenty-six seconds is all it took to dethrone the new powerhouse of the company and make her look like a chump to the real star of the division. All the hard work made and all the goodwill cultivated in making her the next big thing was thrown out of the window in order to make place for Lynch.

Becky absolutely deserved being placed at the top again, but it should NOT come at the cost of your most promising talent in the fashion that she won the title back. WWE had an open field to score a touchdown with Becky’s return, but they managed to fumble the ball at the endzone. Bianca Belair, the best product to come out of the performance center since Braun Strowman, is now just another body and that is the saddest part of all of this.

Becky Lynch defeats Bianca Belair, becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

Up next, we got the culmination of the 3MB Civil War with Drew McIntyre facing Jinder Mahal in a one-on-one match. The build of the match should have been a home run, with the story focusing on two former friends who rose into the biggest heights facing each other, but the story is focused on Jinder and his goons (Veer & Shanky) being terrified of Drew’s ginormous sword.

This match was really quick, as Drew dominated the entire proceeding and made quick work out of “The Modern Day Maharaja”. It was nothing special and they could not get the crowd back after witnessing a wild moment just a few minutes prior. McIntyre hit Mahal with the Claymore for the pinfall victory. After the match, Veer and Shanky came to check on Jinder, but the three left the ring after Drew brought in his sword, seemingly revealing that the feud will continue.

Drew McIntyre defeated Jinder Mahal via Pinfall.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Nikki ASH (c) vs Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair

Next up was the Triple Threat battle for the Raw Women’s Championship between champion Nikki ASH, Rhea Ripley, and Charlotte Flair. This match was the culmination of another poorly built story, as the champion got pinned twice on the way to SummerSlam, Rhea got pinned and Charlotte lost clean too. In other words, we had seen a variation of this match before we saw it on the big stage and it deflated all the momentum.

The match itself was solid, as everyone had a lot of offense to give out, including Nikki breaking Charlotte’s hold on Ripley in Figure Eight with a Frog Splash. Multiple near falls were done, but it led to Charlotte Flair locking in the Figure Eight on Nikki ASH.

The champion crawled to the ropes, but it was not enough as she had to tap out, relinquishing the title in the process and crowning a new Raw Women’s Champion. This was an excellent match with all competitors getting stuff in; however, the result came at the cost of Nikki ASH and her not getting a reign long enough to make up for the horrible booking given to her.

At the end of the day, everyone bows down to “The Queen”, as she now becomes a 15-time Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair defeats Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley via submission, becoming the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Seth Rollins vs Edge

The match with the best pre-match build on the entire card, Edge faced Seth Rollins in a heated match seven years in the making. This is Edge’s second one-on-one match with fans since his return back at the 2020 Royal Rumble, but you could not tell, as he has delivered inside the squared circle against every opponent he has faced, and Rollins was no exception.

The highlight of the match came before it even started, as Edge made an all-time great entrance walking down to The Brood’s entrance music. It then transitioned back to “Metalingus” and the crowd erupted with excitement because of the excellence behind his entrance.

The match itself was solid with Rollins taking control for the majority and working on Edge’s neck, which was sold beautifully by the Hall of Famer. It seemed like an impossible task to get the crowd back into the show, which is an indictment of just how good the work of the performers was.

Edge pulled a page out of Big E’s book and speared Seth Rollins onto the outside, which was a horrifying bump to look at in the same level that it was mesmerizing. Edge later hit another spear onto Rollins that seemed like the end of the match, but Rollins kicked out at 2 for a tantalizing nearfall.

The Spear did not do the job, but multiple face slams to the ground followed by a modified sleeper hold managed to end the proceedings and put “The Architect” out of his misery. This was an outstanding match and, definitely, the highlight SummerSlam needed.

WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Goldberg

The next match of the card was a spear fest between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg for the WWE Championship. Fans have been dreading the possibility of Goldberg winning the WWE Championship from Lashley, and thus hoped for the “All Mighty” destroying the Hall Of Famer in front of his son for the world to see.

Lashley dominated the start of the match, destroying Goldberg every time he tried to rile up an offensive move. Goldberg did try to get the Spear on the Champion but got hit in the leg by MVP’s can, making this the focus of the match. The damage was so severe that the referee ended it because Goldberg could not continue. After the match, the champion beat up Goldberg with a steel chair and put his son in the Hurt Lock as the final blow for the Goldberg family.

The crowd roared behind Lashley and this was a great showcase for him, even if it had a clunky finish. The era of “The Almighty” WWE Champion is set to continue, and it will be interesting to see how this goes down.

Bobby Lashley defeats Goldberg via referee stoppage, retains the WWE Championship.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs John Cena

Last, we had the anticipated rematch between Roman Reigns and John Cena for the Universal Championship in the main event. As noted, Cena and Reigns have not wrestled each other in singles competition since 2017’s No Mercy.

It is fair to say that a lot has happened since their last encounter, as Reigns has gone from the uncharismatic good guy to the biggest bad guy in all of wrestling, while Cena has become one of the biggest draws in cinema today. A true clash of the old titan and the new titan, it was going to be interesting to see how the match was going to unfold.

The theme of the match was simple but effective, as Roman dropped every ounce of anger and punishment every time Cena had an opening for offense. Cena attempted multiple roll-ups throughout the match, but they were all answered by Reigns with royal beatdowns. It was building up for whenever Cena connected his signature maneuvers, and when he did the crowd were all in in the game.

Cena connected the Five Knuckle Shuffle-Attitude Adjustment combination which seemed to seal the deal, but Reigns kicked out in the closest nearfall of the night.  Reigns got some offense on the outside of the ring, but it got countered with an Attitude Adjustment on the announcer’s table for another insane nearfall.

Cena and Reigns continued to trade intense offense throughout the rest of the match, including a solid Avalanche Attitude Adjustment for another nearfall. In the end, “The Tribal Chief” continued to reign supreme as he hit the Spear for the pinfall victory.

Roman Reigns defeats John Cena, retains the WWE Universal Championship.

The Beast Encounters the Tribal Chief

After the match, none other than Brock Lesnar strolled to the ring to confront Reigns. The crowd exploded and Paul Heyman was on the verge of tears for fear of what Brock could do, which sold the moment beautifully.

Reigns and Heyman walked to the back as Lesnar received a hero’s ovation. Lesnar vs Reigns is the next program, and there is every possibility that they get to deliver the match we have all been clamoring once and for all.

Next. REPORT: Becky Lynch replaces Sasha Banks and defeats Bianca Belair. dark

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