AEW: It’s time to put the tag titles on Jurassic Express

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Despite the fact that Jurassic Express lost their match against the Lucha Brothers this past Friday on Rampage on TNT, I still think that they deserve to have the tag titles, and perhaps even more than the Lucha Brothers right now.

Nothing at all against Penta and Rey Fenix. In fact, I respect them a whole lot. I just feel that Jurassic Express is long overdue for a reign as tag champions and I’ll set to proving exactly why in this piece.

Jurassic Express’ rise among the AEW ranks

To say that they are indeed an attraction would be putting it too simply. The AEW fans do love these guys and really, what’s not to love?

They’re athletic, their plight as faces is something that people can surely get behind, and they deliver truly exciting matches.

And yeah, that has a heck of a lot to do with the plethora of individuals they’ve faced in the ring as well, but they more than carry their share of the work for sure.

Since AEW began, these young men have been proving the above every week and from match to match, but what about their rise—their individual rises in a business that isn’t always forgiving and easy?

“Jungle” Jack Perry aka Jungle Boy

It isn’t news to most of you that Jack Perry aka Jungle Boy, is the son of the late actor, Luke Perry. Perry was most known for his time on the television program Beverly Hills 90210, but had talent far greater than just what was shown on that show. Notable roles like his role in The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis, and his role in 8 Seconds proved his range as an actor. He passed away at 52 in 2019.

What is perhaps less known about Jack Perry is that his grandfather on his mother’s side was Scottish screenwriter and novelist, Alan Sharp. He wrote such films as Night Moves (1975), with Gene Hackman, Little Treasure (1985) with Burt Lancaster, and Ben Hur, the 2010 miniseries that aired on ABC.

But Jack Perry is of course more than just the son of an impeccable actor and grandson of a top novelist and screenwriter, and he proves it every time he gets in the ring.

He wrestled on the independent circuit from his start in the business in 2015 up until 2019. During that time, he wrestled for Underground Empire Wrestling and All-Pro Wrestling. It was actually on the independent circuit that he would meet Luchasaurus and they would tag but under the name “A Boy and His Dinosaur.”

Another match of note was the memorial match dedicated to his father in which he faced none other than the infamous David Arquette.

And, we can’t forget that Jack has had incredible opportunities in AEW already as a singles wrestler. I men he did recently face Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship but lost.


Austin Matelson, the 36-year-old man behind the dinosaur mask, wrestled in WWE. In FCW, the developmental territory for WWE back in 2012 before they were re-branded under the brand NXT), he made a name for himself, but controversy hit pretty early, as he was one of the wrestlers involved in accusing former wrestler turned trainer Bill DeMott for using over excessive means to motivate wrestlers as well as other accusations.

Matelson wrestled on the independent circuit soon after his time in WWE and in 2015 even participated in the reality show, Big Brother—the 17th season.

It was only in 2020 that this young talent was ranked t number 105 out of 500 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s list for “500 best singles wrestlers of the year.”

And it was only in 2019 that he would join the ranks at AEW and he and the fans haven’t looked back since.

Why they deserve the titles

Together and apart, each of these young men has proven their worth, and if you watch from week to week, first on Dynamite and lately on Rampage, you’ll undoubtedly agree with me. And the match against the Lucha Brothers proves that much at least. Timing, execution, agility, stamina, conditioning, the conviction in selling their gimmicks and in the ring…it’s all there, and Perry is only 24 years old! Luchasaurus is 12 years Jack’s senior, but it doesn’t show in his physique at all, nor in the ring.

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Yes, they’ve suffered a string of losses for now, but they definitely will have another opportunity in the future, I’m sure and hopefully come out on top, which if I haven’t yet made clear, is definitely about time.