AEW All Out: Five things that must happen at the PPV

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AEW’s third pay-per-view of 2021, All Out, will be live this Sunday at the Now Arena outside of Chicago. This is the perfect place for CM Punk to have his first professional wrestling match in seven years.

This will be AEW’s third annual All Out Pay-Per-View, and it is a stacked card. This is turning out to be the most important wrestling event of the year because of the rumored surprise appearances that are supposed to be taking place. In this article, I will be discussing the five things that need to happen at All Out.

5. CM Punk VS. Darby Allin ends in a Time limit Draw

Wrestling fans have waited seven years for CM Punk to be back in a ring, and on Sunday, they will once again see their hero wrestle again. This will be the most anticipated match of the night as CM Punk steps in the ring with Darby Allin.

Darby Allin is the perfect first opponent for CM Punk because, in a way, they’re very similar. Darby Allin has become a fan favorite in AEW and has become known to take extreme risks in his matches to get wins. This is a match that AEW should be careful about booking because both wrestlers need to look strong. AEW should allow this match to go to a time limit draw and revisit this match up in a year.

4. MJF Ends Chris Jericho’s career

MJF laid down a gauntlet for Chris Jericho back in July, making him go through different matches before he was able to wrestle him in a one-on-one match-up finally. Over the last couple of weeks, we saw Jericho defeat Shawn Spears, Nick Gage, Juventud Guerrera, and Wardlow before being defeated by MJF.

This has been one of the best-booked rivalries in AEW. When MJF defeated Jericho, many fans thought that would be the end, but Jericho has asked MJF for one more match at All Out and has put his professional wrestling career on the line. This is the perfect chance for AEW to make MJF the top heel not just in AEW but in professional wrestling today. In professional wrestling, retirements never last long, so AEW could have Chris Jericho return in the future to attack or help MJF.

3. AEW Announce Trios Tag Titles tournament

Now that AEW has a second show, they should introduce six-man tag titles so that the stables can currently feud with each other and have a payoff. Six-man tag titles have been very popular in modern-day professional wrestling companies like Ring of Honor and New Japan.

Still, a worldwide-known wrestling company like AEW would be a game-changer because they could bring more light to trios tag team wrestling. AEW has been teasing fans about creating trip tag team titles since the start of the company, now is the time to pull the trigger. AEW currently has the Super Elite, Death Triangle, Jurassic Express, Team Taz, The Nightmare family, so it would make sense to announce the titles.

2. Kenny Omega retains AEW championship

This is a match that wrestling fans are excited about but not as excited about as we should because this should have been Hangman Page breakout moment, but Christian ended up getting the chance to face Kenny instead. This match gained a lot of steam when Christian defeated Kenny for the Impact World championship on the premiere episode of AEW Rampage, showing the world that the belt collector could be beaten. The storyline for this match was built around Omega’s manager Don Callis, who has a history with Christian. Kenny and Christian’s match on Rampage was the best TV wrestling match of 2021, so It will be interesting to see if they can outdo themselves this Sunday.

1. Bryan Danielson Debuts as a Heel

Bryan Danielson joining AEW has been a rumor for a couple of months now, but it is finally looking like wrestling fans will see one of their favorites again in a ring. The Daniel Bryan that fans have seen in WWE is gone, but the Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon, will be returning. AEW should have Bryan Danielson debut as a heel and kill off the WWE yes chants live this Sunday at AEW All Out to show that he is there for business only and that there is no time for games.

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