The five most intriguing feuds for Britt Baker as AEW Women’s Champion

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Dr. Britt Baker is proving herself to be the face of the AEW Women’s Division. She has more than outperformed most of the women on that roster, and that’s saying something because the whole women’s locker room is pretty astounding, and has been since AEW’s inception.

But Baker has already had incredible bouts of note and the feuds she’s been cast in are just the right fit for someone of her caliber and someone on the rise as she most certainly has been.

Even CM Punk couldn’t help but address the pop she got in her hometown of Pittsburgh…oh, I’m sorry…”Brittsburgh”; he essentially thanked the fans in Chicago for giving him the same type of pop Baker received in her hometown. And this was on his first appearance with the company! Talk about a stamp of approval from an in-ring legend.

Yeah, she has had quite the run thus far, and it’s only getting started. There are many intriguing new places she can go, and many women she can face and we’ll look at that in this piece.

The fact that Kris Statlander is getting a shot at AEW All Out this weekend is awesome and a step in the right direction for “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien”; somebody else on that roster that has intrigued me greatly since her start in the company: severely athletic, beautiful, original, and able to carry a match on her capable shoulders.

Heck, doesn’t that sound familiar? Sure does. She reminds me of Baker in so many ways, and the two squaring off makes perfect sense.

But just who else could Baker face in the upcoming months and year? What intriguing angles make sense?

Kiera Hogan

This young lady got her start in the business in 2015 and wrestled for such independent promotions as Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, All-Star Wrestling Network, OMEGA Championship Wrestling, and Booker T’s promotion, Reality of Wrestling, before she joined Impact in 2017.

She, unfortunately, had a lackluster singles run (not her fault), but finally tasted championship glory alongside Tasha Steelz as Fire N’ Flava, and they held the Knockouts Tag Team Championships twice. She has since left Impact and has already premiered in AEW.

Is it too soon, though, to tell if she’ll fly in AEW? Not for me. This young woman has proven herself time and time again if you ask me, and she would be a great opponent for the good doctor down the line.

Tay Conti

The perfect babyface for Baker to square against right now. She had a great match with The Bunny on Rampage but lost, and the way the match ended, perhaps she’ll be entering into a feud with Penelope Ford for right now, but down the line, Conti can have a really good physical match with Baker, no doubt.

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill needs no introduction to most of you, I presume, as she’s seriously got some heat in the business. And wrestling fans know that I’m not talking about her striking good looks, because like her epic athleticism, those speak for themselves. And what a performance she had on Rampage a couple of weeks ago, in a match with Kiera Hogan no less.

I know Cargill and Baker are both heels right now, but who says they can’t get a good heel vs. heel feud going and hopefully soon?

Thunder Rosa wants a rematch

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still reeling from the match these two had a few months back.

It was in an Unsanctioned Lights Out Anything Goes Match, so essentially a hardcore match that had legends like Mick Foley probably scratching their heads. It was incredible from second to second, and it happened on St. Patrick’s Day, so if you happened to have a little too much beer in you, you perhaps missed the action and had to watch it twice.

The following morning, the realization dawning that no, you hadn’t been transported back to the Attitude Era or the rise of ECW, but had been watching two incredibly gifted athletes in the ring, giving their all, putting their livelihoods, their bodies, and everything else on the line in a match that rivals my favorites from the aforementioned era and promotion.

It all happened in AEW and in 2021, no less.

To see these two rekindle their feud would be epic and if we can get a repeat performance of that match, that would be the perfect bookend to their feud.

Jamie Hayter turns on the good Doctor

Yes, she just got there, and yes, she’s in the good doctor’s corner for now, but this is professional wrestling, people. I can see a turn coming like a freight train in a mile-long tunnel. No matter how far it is, in a dark tunnel, you can always see that familiar and threatening light in the distance, and long before you hear the train’s whistle.

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This is a feud that can only promise an astounding betrayal in the ring and might be the one moment that can turn Dr. Britt Baker face, which can possibly take her over the edge in this business, cementing her spot as what I already think she undoubtedly is: the face that runs the place and a legend in making.