AEW All Out: Top 3 Moments Of The PPV

WWE, Daniel Bryan (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)
WWE, Daniel Bryan (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) /

The superlatives to describe the atmosphere in Chicago, Illinois for AEW All Out are abundant. To ask anyone who witnessed the pay-per-view what their top 3 moments of the show were are mind-boggling. That would be like asking The Young Bucks what their favorite pair of Jordan’s are? I digress.

The card for AEW All Out was an excellent one. Stories ran amuck from Kenny Omega defending his AEW world title in the main event to CM Punk making his return in his hometown after seven and a half years of in-ring activity.

There was no shortage of top moments in this AEW pay-per-view. I have the unenviable task of narrowing it down to 3. Before I do that, I will give you one that just missed

Honorable mention

Narrowing the honorable mention down to one was near impossible. Minoru Suzuki flew in from Japan to make his presence felt after Jon Moxley defeated fellow New Japan legend, Satoshi Kojima. A legend of that magnitude crossing the metaphorical forbidden door was impressive, to say the least.

Ruby Soho (Formerly Ruby Riott in the WWE) show up as the “Joker” in the women’s Casino Battle Royale was the ultimate honorable mention choice. Criminally underused in Stamford, Soho immediately put on a show once she climbed in the ring tonight.  She proceeded to go out and win the Battle Royale to earn an AEW women’s championship match in the future

To see the look on Ruby Soho’s face as she was welcomed by the Chicago crowd was absolutely priceless. The women’s division has received some shots in the arm in the form of Soho, Thunder Rosa, and Jamie Hayter. The continued growth of ladies as a whole is going to be something to keep an eye on moving forward.

3. The Lucha Bros vs The Young Bucks

On any other pay-per-view, this is likely the number 1 moment of the night. It bars none the match of the night and most likely, the tag team match of 2021. When The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros do battle, your eyes are glued to the four men in the ring.

For the 1st time in AEW, they finally met for the AEW World tag team titles. In a steel cage no less. With the gold up for grabs, you knew they were going to up the ante higher than they have in their previous five encounters over the last five years.

This was a roller coaster of a match filled with intensity, storytelling, and insane spots. Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson with simultaneous, top rope acrobatics. Matt Jackson and Pentagon Jr dishing out in-stereo piledrivers.

The Young Bucks broke out Nike’s with spikes on the bottom of the shoes. Leading to The Lucha Bros bleeding profusely and adding another layer of drama to the match.

I could go on and on about this insane display of a tag team match, but I’ll leave you with this lasting image and new AEW World tag team champions, The Lucha Bros.

2. CM Punk returns to the ring

I’m still flabbergasted that CM Punk has graced us with his presence in a pro wrestling ring. He left pro wrestling in a bad mental state. He returned to it eager to prove that his gas tank is far from empty at AEW All Out.

CM Punk came back two weeks ago on AEW Rampage and instantly challenged Darby Allin to a match in Chicago on PPV. We were able to witness firsthand just how much Punk can still bring to the table.

Darby Allin on this night was my in-ring MVP. His banshee style of calculated risk-taking and fearless nature was the perfect concoction for someone who’s experienced but hasn’t wrestled in over a half-decade.

Allin was flying around all over the place, bumping like a maniac for CM Punk as the two showed us some instant chemistry. While Darby would go out on his back after two GTS finishers, he has become one of AEW’s most reliable performers.

CM Punk winning in his debut match with All Elite Wrestling was an electric moment. Shaking hands with the icon Sting had our imaginations running at the thought of a one-off contest between these two legends of pro wrestling. A world with CM Punk in pro wrestling is one that is prosperous and full of more promise.

1. A post main event that the wrestling world will never forget

The main event of AEW All Out was a mighty fine one. Kenny Omega retained his AEW World championship in a hard-fought victory over the wily Christian Cage. Two amazing competitors showed out tonight and proved why they were worthy of being the show-closing bout.

What we may not have expected following the match was a post-bout melee of epic proportions. The Young Bucks and Good Brothers came out to celebrate with Kenny Omega and began to attack Christian Cage as well. Jurassic Express attempted to make the save but were thwarted by ‘The Elite’.

Kenny Omega then grabbed a microphone and proceeded to claim he was out of challenges in the promotion. He felt that the only men left who could defeat him were not in the company or were deceased. The lights went out and BOOM.

Adam Cole’s logo and music hit the airwaves when the lights came back on. He walked down the ramp to confront ‘The Elite’. Cole decided to superkick Jungle Boy instead and rejoin his former Elite cohorts.

Omega regained control of the mic, began to bid the crowd adieu. Goodbye and good night, more music hits!

Out steps Bryan Danielson. Formerly Daniel Bryan in the WWE, Danielson strutted down the ramp as a raucous crowd reached yet another decibel level on this historic night. Danielson began brawling with ‘The Elite’ as Christian Cage and Jurassic Express regained their equilibrium. The momentum clearly shifted in favor of the group led by ‘The American Dragon’, Bryan Danielson.

The unpredictability and pyrotechnics of the post-match theatrics led the crowd in attendance and million’s watching around the World left with their hands on their heads in utter amazement. It’s astonishing how much has changed in pro wrestling in 2021.

In one pay-per-view show, we saw the AEW debuts of Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson. The bar is continuing to be risen by All Elite Wrestling and its owner Tony Khan. AEW All Out was a business-changing pay-per-view filled with seismic moments. The three listed and most notably, the main event of the show will be talked about by wrestling fans for many years to come.