CM Punk’s performance lived up to the expectations after seven years

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CM Punk managed to deliver on the high expectations in his first match after seven years away.

AEW’s All Out has remained the talk of the town all these days later due to the incredible surprises throughout the show and continuously great wrestling inside the squared circle on that night. Fans continue to buzz about the additions of both Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson to the men’s roster while Ruby Soho aims to be a major player in the women’s division as well. Despite all that buzz for AEW’s newest signees, it is CM Punk whose performance should be the talk of the town all these days later.

Punk faced off with Darby Allin at All Out in what would be his first match since the 2014 Royal Rumble. That marks nearly seven and a half years since competing in a wrestling ring in front of the world. As his return indicated, the professional wrestling world missed him and he didn’t have to have a great first match back for the fans to be invested. However, he managed to remind everyone why he goes by the nickname of “The Best in the World.”

As Punk dawned the Terry Funk-like pants, the old wrestling soul was instantly apparent as rather than going at the speed of Allin, they slowed it down to a methodical pace that allowed everything to breathe and for fans to take in what they were seeing. The simplicity of the shock after being arm dragged by Allin, which was reminiscent of Bret Hart against the 1-2-3 Kid, reminded the world how much Punk was missed.

Once the match got going, Punk showed his ring IQ by keeping Allin grounded and trying to stop his energetic style as much as he could. When Allin finally did get on the offensive side, it felt as though it was worth waiting for. Punk made Allin look like a million bucks, taking his suicide dive like death as it was hitting on every cylinder. The Chicago crowd was eating this up as Allin gained steam and confidence.

The spot of the match came when Allin went for his signature Coffin Drop just to miss as Punk sat up like the Undertaker. Punk laughed it off and as he went for the pin, Allin nearly rolled him up for the win. Allin would even put on the Last Supper pin for the closest near fall of the match. Punk would ultimately hit the GTS as Allin crashed down to the floor after having his skull caved in. The three-count was made and Punk’s return was more successful than anyone could have hoped for.

Punk’s return to the ring felt as though he never missed a beat. You could see on his face how much he was loving it and with this only being the first match back for “The Best in the World,” the expectations can only get greater as he moves on to feud and wrestles others on the roster.

The expectations of what could Punk do in the wrestling ring after years off were higher than people want to admit. How could they not be? After being at the top of the game and being four months removed from a match with Brock Lesnar that is one of the best SummerSlam matches of all time, he left wrestling. He was at the top of the game still even when his body and mentality were not. Now that the body and mentality are on his side? This is only the beginning of Punk reminding the world why he is one of the all-time greats in the business.

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Looking down the pipeline as to who and what is next to Punk only becomes more exciting as well following the great performance. Whatever it may be, fans should be thrilled as Punk will not be stopping anytime soon and should remind the world more and more why he is among the best.