AEW: Ruby Soho must be the first to break the battle royal curse

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One of the biggest moments from AEW All Out was Ruby Soho walking through the tunnel as the Joker card in the Women’s Casino Battle Royal. She and Thunder Rosa ended up the last two ladies in the ring, with Soho coming out on top. With a future shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship in hand, Soho must become the first person to break the curse of the battle royal victory.

When fans think of a battle royal in professional wrestling, the Royal Rumble in WWE usually comes to mind. It’s the match that has helped create major stars such as Bianca Belair as they head into WrestleMania season. AEW’s Casino Battle Royal is a similar match, but with different rules. However, the goal is the same, win the match for a title opportunity in the future.

The difference is that the Casino Battle Royal has yet to produce a winner that went on to capture the title with that granted match. Adam Page, Lance Archer, Jungle Boy, and Nyla Rose have all lost the singles title shot they earned after their big moments. Pac and Rey Fenix suffered the same fate after their win in the tag team battle royal. In fact, that trend also carries over to the AEW ladder matches where Brian Cage and Scorpio Sky both were victorious, only to fail to win the belts later.

Soho must be the individual to break that curse when she eventually faces Britt Baker. Yes, Baker is a fan favorite in AEW. At this part, she’s basically a made woman on the roster. The promotion sees the value to keep and build around her for the long term. One could easily see her with multiple title reigns when her time is done.

But the special buzz around Ruby Soho is palpable right now. When she was a part of the WWE, fans wanted to see more of Ruby Riott. Before he injury, she was a pillar to that women’s division, paired with Ronda Rousey early to help the latter hone her craft in the ring. When she and Liv Morgan teamed up, they were the best women’s tag team on the roster even though WWE failed to recognize that with a run as champions. Her release broke the heart of fans and colleagues around, which was seen by the outcry of support sent her way.

When she returned to the online world with the Ruby Soho vignettes, fans were immediately hooked. The creativity behind the videos and their difference from how everyone else was talking about their exit from the WWE made her story and destination compelling to watch play out. Even as fans had a strong report about her heading to AEW, they still hung on to the whole match, waiting for the Joker card to come. Then their reaction to her appearance and victory was monumental, driving Soho nearly to tears.

Cutting that out from under her with a defeat is not the way to go right now. AEW does a great job of keeping fresh challengers in front of champions, but the women’s division still needs to continue to grow in this area. Plus, there isn’t enough women’s wrestling on Dynamite and Rampage, so it would be hard to feel confident that Soho would be seen on television is she takes a defeat. Baker can absorb a loss and not have her status in the promotion crushed, but right now, Soho’s momentum can’t get cut out from under her.

Ruby Soho’s emergence in AEW was met with heartfelt joy by the wrestling community. That same energy must continue with a victory over Britt Baker. She needs to be the first person to win a title after winning an AEW battle royal, breaking the curse once and for all.