Death Before Dishonor Results: Fatal 4 Way for the ROH Championship

TOKYO,JAPAN - MAY 24: Bandido looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Best Of Super Jr.' at Korakuen Hall on May 24, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO,JAPAN - MAY 24: Bandido looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Best Of Super Jr.' at Korakuen Hall on May 24, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Ring of Honor has had one of its best years in recent memory, with most of their biggest stars providing excellent work on their shows. They hope to continue this with their Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

Tonight’s Death Before Dishonor show featured nine matches with huge stakes attached to them, including the crowning of a new ROH Women’s Champion, another title defense by ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham, and an anticipated Fatal Four Way for the ROH World Championship.

Here are the results for the 2021 edition of Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor.

Hour One

Daffney Tribute

The show kicked off with a 10-bell salute in memory of the passing of former Impact and WCW women’s wrestler, Daffney Unger. Daffney made an appearance in 2018 as a guest of honor for a Women’s Championship Final between Kelly Kein & Sumi Sakai. It was a touching tribute to a beloved figure in women’s wrestling and she is sorely missed.

Honor Rumble

The show kicked off with a 15-man Battle Royale, featuring names like Danhausen, Silas Young, Dak Draper, PJ Black, and more, with the winner receiving a World Title Match. The first entrant was none other than Philadelphia’s own “The Mecca” Brian Johnson.

He and Brian Milonas started the proceedings, with Beer City Bruiser and Danhausen joining proceedings. Beer City Bruiser was the first one out and his tag partner, Brian Milonas, would follow soon after everyone ganged up to eliminate the Heavyweight.

The biggest surprise would come early as ROH commentator Caprice Coleman entered the Rumble at Number Five in the match. His stint was short, as he was eliminated by Brian Johnson, but it was nice to see Coleman back in the ring.

Danhausen was the heart of the match, as he schemed his way into staying in the match, including being responsible for the elimination of Sledge. Unfortunately, he would be eliminated by Brian Johnson from behind, which would make the hometown hero into the most hated man in the building.

The most bizarre moment of the match was the entrance of Flip Gordon, as he returned with his music from 2018 and confusing ROH Dojo alumni, Dante Caballero and Joe Keys, with former AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks.

Despite being a 15-Man Rumble, there would be a 16th entrant as Alex Zayne, formerly known as Ari Sterling in NXT, made his Ring of Honor return. Zayne became the immediate highlight of the match, flipping his way into everyone he encountered. Zayne was released last month before his last match for the company on 205 Live, which he tweeted about during the airing of the match.

Zayne would continue to shine, as he eliminated Flip Gordon and PJ Black to win the Honor Rumble, becoming the future contender for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Commentary emphasized that Alex Zayne defeated Bandido in his ROH debut before joining NXT, teasing the possibility of a rematch coming in the near future.

Maria Kanellis cut a promo thanking everyone for trusting ROH for the success of the Women’s Tournament and continued to promote the match between Miranda Alize & Rok-C to crown the new ROH Women’s Champion.

Kenny King & Dragon Lee also cut a promo after winning the ROH Tag Team Championships from Violence Unlimted on the Sept. 11 episode of Ring of Honor TV. Dragon Lee dedicated their title win to the recently injured Rush and said that they were going to win the Trios Tag Team Championships. Kenny King called out Shane Taylor prior to their match.

Main Show

Dalton Castle vs Eli Isom

The opening match was the heated affair between Dalton Castle and Eli Isom, with Dak Draper at the commentary booth. The match started out hot, with Isom taking over procedures and going into a full-on attack, including making a tremendous senton into the outside.

Dalton Castle quickly made a comeback and took control of the match after a German Suplex. Castle then began to dominate Isom, hitting him with a kick into the barricade while on the outside.

One thing Isom has shined with is being a fiery personality within the ring, and he has shown this throughout the past months in Ring of Honor TV, and Castle was the perfect opponent for the ROH Dojo alumni. Dak Draper would interfere in the match by distracting Isom, which would lead to Castle hitting the Bang-A-Rang for the pinfall win.

Dalton Castle defeats Eli Isom via pinfall.

Jake Atlas vs Taylor Rust

Up next was a match between two wrestlers returning to ROH, as Taylor Rust faced Jake Atlas in a one-on-one match. Like Alex Zayne, both were released from WWE despite both being involved in storylines, so this match was designed as a solid test of their skills and showcase of their abilities.

One of the standout moments of the match was Rust countering a superkick from Altlas into an Ankle Lock, and Atlas showed a whole lot of agility within this match. In the end, Rust locked in a Goya Lock to make Atlas tap out. A great showing for both wrestlers in their returns to the company and the sky is the limit with both wrestlers.

Taylor Rust defeats Jake Atlas via submission

Lee Moriarty, LSG & John Walters vs Violence Unlimited (Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Homicide)

The following match was a six-man encounter between Lee Moriarty, John Walters & LSG against Violence Unlimited.

Lee Moriarty has been in the news recently, as he was offered to join All Elite Wrestling on the past Wednesday Tapings of AEW Dark – Elevation after his match against Daniel Garcia, so it was going to be interesting to see how much he was given to shine in this match.

Despite Moriarty being the one to watch, Tony Deppen was the shining light of the match as he hit an outstanding knee-strike to the head of LSG.

Moriarty continued to be exciting, as he brought everything to everyone, which showcased just how versatile the Pittsburg native is. Despite already being signed to the AEW, he was protected tremendously, as he was hit with a middle-rope senton from Homicide, a Codebreaker by Tony Deppen, and a Death Valley Driver by Chris Dickinson in consecutive moves. Unsurprisingly, he could not come back and would be the one to be pinned, allowing Violence Unlimited to take the win in a great technical match.

Violence Unlimited defeat Lee Moriarty, LSG, and Josh Walters via pinfall.

After the match, Jay Lethal came to the ring and cut an impassioned promo stating that Pure Wrestling is the future of wrestling, putting over Moriarty and the rest of the Pure Division for the helping shape up Ring of Honor during the pandemic.

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett vs The Briscoes

The next match was a blast from the ROH past, as OGK faced The Briscoes in tag team competition. The match started out hot, as Mark Briscoe tried to attack OGK from out of nowhere, but would be dealt with in quick fashion. The Briscoes would work over Mike Bennett throughout the start of the match. While The Briscoes dominated the proceedings, Matt Taven shined, as he hit an impressive moonsault onto Bennett and Jay Briscoe on the outside.

After OGK controlled proceedings, Mark Briscoe would get the hot tag, and taking on both OGK members by himself, hitting a neckbraker on Taven from the apron to the outside, which would be followed with a top rope elbow for a nearfall. In the end, Jay Briscoe would get caught in an inside cradle by Taven, giving OGK a big win.

OGK defeat The Briscoes via pinfall.

ROH Pure Wrestling Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham vs Josh Woods

Up next is the anticipated match between Jonathan Gresham and Josh Woods for the Pure Wrestling Championship. This match played up to the history of Gresham and Woods and how they knew each other like the palm of each other’s hand, costing each other the first of their three rope interventions.

It would be like this for the first seven minutes of the match, but it would be until Gresham hit a picture-perfect dropkick into the hand of Woods, which would pave the way for Gresham to work on the right arm of Woods.

The match was very even, with both Gresham and Woods swapping holds on their arms in a frequent but aggressive fashion. Despite the switch of holds, both would be trapped in a rolling inside cradle that would bring the match to a halt, as their shoulders were on the ground, leading to a double pinfall and a draw. Despite the end, Gresham demanded the match to continue and the referee obliged.

Both applied leg locks and it cost the third and final rope break for each other.  Jonathan Gresham would continue to try to wear down Woods, but Woods would continue to power up Gresham in destructive fashion. However, Gresham showed that he has power of his own, as he hit a German Suplex on Woods.

In the end, Gresham’s time as champ would come to an end after Woods connected a German Suplex from a Tombstone Piledriver position for the pinfall victory. Gresham was an outstanding Pure Wrestling Champion and he was the right person to bring back the Championship. The era of Woods is upon us.

Josh Woods defeated Jonathan Gresham via pinfall, becomes the new ROH Pure Champion.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match: LFI (Dragon Lee, Kenny King & Bestia Del Ring) vs Shane Taylor Promotions (O’Shay Edwards, Kaun & Moses Maddox)

After Shane Taylor was sidelined by LFI at the beginning of the match, O’Shay Edwards stepped in and took over, making his ROH PPV debut in the biggest match of his ROH career. Edwards was the standout of the match, being showcased as the ultimate powerhouse in a group full of super heavyweights, hitting a lethal spinebuster on Kenny King.

Despite Edwards shining, Dragon Lee showed a lot of promise as well, as he did all the flips on everyone on sight, including an over-the-top senton onto a sea of wrestlers. Despite Kenny King trying to eliminate Taylor from the match, the head of STP would come back to hit his attacker with a chair as revenge, allowing STP to pick up the pinfall win and retain the Championships.

Shane Taylor Promotions defeat La Faccion Ingobernable via pinfall, retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships.

ROH Women’s World Championship Match: Rok-C vs Miranda Alize

The semi-main event was a match between Rok-C and Miranda Alize for the ROH Women’s Championship. Both women worked aggressively, as Alize attempted multiple head scissors takedowns on Rok-C, but Rok-C would maintain standing on each of their attempts until was slapped square in the face by Miranda, which led to Rok-C hitting a Thesz Press on Alize.

Unfortunately, Alize would take control after Rok-C went with uncontrolled aggression to mixed results. This led to Alize hitting the 19-year old with a gnarly kick on the top of her head for a nearfall, which would be followed by a double kneestrike.

Rok-C was showcased in this match as the underdog babyface to Alize’s arrogant heel schtick. Both families of the wrestlers were shown to emphasize how important this match was, which elevated the significance of becoming the ROH Women’s Champion.

In the end, Rok-C would hit a Code Red for the pinfall win, becoming the inaugural ROH Women’s World Champion. “The Prodigy” shined tonight and the future is bright for the ROH Women’s Division.

Rok-C defeats Miranda Alize via pinfall, wins the ROH Women’s World Championship

ROH World Championship Match: Bandido (c) vs Demonic Flamita vs EC3 vs Brody King

In the main event, we had a Fatal Four Way Eliminator between Bandido, Brody King, Demonic Flamita & EC3 for the ROH World Championship. The match started with Flamita getting out of the ring, only to catch Bandido and take him to the outside while Brody and EC3 brawled in the ring.

Once EC3 and King took themselves out of the ring, Flamita and Bandido were front and center, with Bandido hitting an Around the World on Flamita and would hit a Tope Suicida on Brody King, getting darted onto the fans.

EC3 would control the start of the match, slowing the pace of the match to his tempo until he was hit by a chair by Flamita, which was not caught by the referee,  and he would retaliate by hitting Flamita back. Unfortunately for Dixie Carter’s “nephew”, the referee would catch EC3 in the act and disqualify him.

After EC3’s elimination, Flamita and Bandido would reunite to double-team Brody King, including hitting King with a Doomsday Canadian Destroyer. unfortunately for the former Mexa-Squad, the Violence Unlimited representative overpowered both, hitting Flamita with the All Seeing Eye for the pinfall elimination.

It was down to Bandido and Brody King to determine who would walk out as the ROH World Champion, and they sprinted their way into a thrilling match. Bandido hit Brody with all the flippy moves possible, including a 450 Splash that King kicked out at one to a thunderous ovation from the Philadelphia crowd. This would be followed by a gnarly lariat by King.

In the end, Bandido would sneak the win by connecting a house cradle for the pinfall win, overcoming the odds and retaining the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, The Foundation came out to congratulate Bandido on his victory and Jonathan Gresham would shake hands with Bandido while looking at the ROH Title, hinting into what could be next for the former Pure Wrestling Champion.

While this was going on, Vincent would applaud Bandido from the stage, ending the show teasing multiple programs for “The Most Wanted Champion”.

Bandido defeats Brody King, Demonic Famita & EC3 via pinfall, retains the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

Bandido: Mexico’s Next Big Star. dark. Next

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