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AEW has done a truly impressive job of bringing in new talent and giving them decent pushes. They have turned wrestlers like Dante Martin into household names. Well, at least in the homes of professional wrestling fans.

His talent, skill, and athletism are all absolutely undeniable at this point. And he definitely has that star quality and charisma that fans respond to. But it’s important to remember that Dante has only been in the business for a few years. The sky is the limit for him.

Top Flight takes flight

Darius and Dante Martin made their debut as a tag team in 2016. They were trained by the likes of Ken Kennedy, Molly Holly, and Shawn and Ariya Daivari. That’s a pretty impressive roster of people to usher them into the world of pro wrestling.

After that, the brothers started building a name for themselves in the indies. Like many independent wrestlers, their progress was upended by the pandemic. Fortunately, they found a safe harbor in AEW who brought in a lot of indie talent during that time.

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As Top Flight, these two extremely talented wrestlers built a national fan base quite quickly. It’s not hard to understand why given their abilities. Everyone was behind this duo and was looking for them to be the next big thing in an already stacked tag team division.

Dante Martin flies alone

As is all too often the case in wrestling, a sudden injury put a stop to that tag team push. Darius was injured quite early in 2021, leaving Dante Martin to go on his own through the vast majority of the year. There is still no official timeline for his brother’s return.

It was odd to see Dante on his own at first, being that he was best known as a tag team specialist. Beyond that, fans had barely gotten to know either wrestler before Darius got injured. No one was sure what was going to happen to Dante as he could easily have gotten lost in the shuffle.

In his brother’s absence, Dante Martin has absolutely become a bankable singles star. His record has largely been a winning one, with victories over Anthony Bowens, Shawn Dean, J.D. Drake, Jack Evans, and Fuego Del Sol. To be fair, most wrestlers on the AEW roster have a victory over Fuego.

Win or lose, Dante’s matches have become highlights of the night. The moves he is capable of pulling off have to be seen to be believed. And fans know how young he is. The man is only going to get better the longer he is in the business.

The future is so bright…

At some point, Darius is going to come back. The irony is that it’s hard to imagine Dante as a tag team wrestler, anymore. AEW has done an incredible job of establishing him as a singles competitor and that’s not ground they should be giving up.

Dante Martin has proven time and time again that he has all of the tools necessary to take him to the top of the business. AEW would be well advised to continue developing him as a singles star. That being said, some more time in Top Flight might help season him as a wrestler a bit more.

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Regardless of whether or not he’s a singles wrestler or remains in a tag team, Dante Martin will inevitably take the business by storm as he continues to develop. And given the amount of talent he’s surrounded by in AEW, Dante is in the right place to learn a lot about pro wrestling.