Heels (Episodes 5 and 6)—Recap, Review and a look back

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Allen Maldonado attends the premiere of the new STARZ series "Heels" on August 10, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Starz)
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Allen Maldonado attends the premiere of the new STARZ series "Heels" on August 10, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Starz) /

By now, I’ll assume dear readers, that you are all caught up on your Heels watching and have seen episode 5, but seeing that we missed a review last week, I figure I’d touch upon episode 5 before moving on to this Sunday’s episode 6…and what an emotional rollercoaster that episode turned out to be, but more on that in just a wee bit.

*Reader beware…there will be spoilers on episodes 1 through 5, but not for episode 6

Heels: Episode 5 Review

To review, in episode 5, we saw Ace Spade fall to the decisions and behavior that his jealous emotions led him to. He was starting to get jealous of a relationship that sparked up between Bobby Pin and what would be his former valet, Crystal.

Well, it was at the end of episode 5 when Ace injures the young man with big biceps and an even bigger heart and soul for real. It was in this scene that the wrestling and/or in-ring work looked very good; as I’ve stated in earlier reviews, the cast is still doing a perfect job of delivering that message loud and clear: They did their homework.

Before the show premiered, collider.com ran a story that detailed how the show uses stuntmen/women, but the cast does step it up and considers it an honor to do this type of work, which is a positive. As wrestling fans, wrestling is all about respect and the actors and show’s producers are showing the necessary respect.

By the tail end of episode 5, the viewer is left to ask the question: How can they possibly come back from this? But that’s the beauty of this show: it surprises you at every turn.

Before we can talk about episode 6, I’ll take the time to remind you of three other major storylines, as they’ll all be important going into episode 6. Each story gets advanced in one respect or another in yet another climax that perhaps all of the characters will need to face together. More on that in a second.

First, remember that Jack Spade — as well as his promotion, the DWL — is losing money. In episode 5, he’s given a chance to have the DWL featured at the South Georgia State Fair, which for an independent promotion, is a big deal. By the end of episode 5, he gets that opportunity, which only adds to his plate.

Second, Jack’s wife’s walls are closing in and she is getting frustrated with his lack of time for family and his obsession to make the DWL work…the territory his deceased father, Tom Spade, left to him.

Third, Wild Bill and Willie (Jack’s assistant) have some unfinished business, as Willie and he have a romantic past and a lot of baggage that goes with that. Wild Bill, who was fired by the promotion up north, needs to make a return to wrestling. Despite Jack’s refusal to help him out for trying to pilfer Ace away in the season opener, Wild Bill immerses himself in the feud for the title, taking the microphone during a live show.

So, now that we’re all caught up…

Episode 6

Despite the fact that we thought that there was no coming back for Ace Spade, though, there is a little hole he can fit through and it would seem that the entire town of Duffy is willing to let him in, as forgiveness and remorse seem to be a massive theme in this episode and not just for Ace, who has a lot to be sorry for.

The episode progresses at a point with Apocalypse (a character that holds great interest for me and I hope you, dear readers) at an AA meeting; there is a depth to him (played expertly by former NFL player, James Harrison; he certainly has some acting chops) that is palpable in every scene and he commands your attention when he’s onscreen.

To further these points, the episode centers itself around a special baptism: The child of a character seldom seen except for the first few episodes of the show.

It is at this meeting where Apocalypse speaks about the regrets of our lives and how we can use them moving forward, somehow turning those things into a positive. This theme is carried over for many characters.

We also get to see a development in Jack’s relationship with his wife and it doesn’t take the turn we hoped it would, but her plight is made that much clearer.

There is also a developing storyline with the Rooster Robbins character, played by Allen Maldonado, and of course, we also get more insight into what goes down between Wild Bill and Willie.

Perhaps most special of all, which is why I saved it for last, as the man is not only a wrestling idol of mine but a writing one as well, Mick Foley makes his guest appearance as a podcaster who interviews Jack and asks some pretty tough questions to a man who’s trying to keep his business afloat and his home life in one piece…which is something that is seemingly proving to be increasingly difficult.

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How does it all go? How will it turn out? Don’t ask me…go watch the show; you won’t regret it, folks. For the record, episode 5 garnered 3 DDTs out of 5 and episode 6 garners the series’ first perfect score… 5 DDTs out of 5. Don’t miss this one.