Bobby Lashley has put on a Hall of Fame run since the Lana split /

From the day he first debuted in WWE, fans knew that Bobby Lashley was destined to be a champion. He was too powerful, too athletic, and too impressive to not hold a major title. It seemed like a forgone conclusion to many people.

But then he left, made a name for himself, and returned, only to be saddled with arguably the worst gimmick in the history of WWE. Since the end of the Lana angle, Bobby Lashley has finally found that next level and put on an absolute Hall of Fame performance.

The Rise of Bobby Lashley

A former amateur wrestling star and an armed force veteran, Lashley arrived in the WWE in 2005. As a babyface, he ran roughshod over the roster, racking up a series of incredibly dominant victories over a variety of opponents.

During his first run, he earned both the United States Championship and the ECW World Championship. But real opportunities in the main event picture eluded him, leading to him leaving the WWE behind in 2008.

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For the next ten years, Lashley became a recognizable and dominant force on the independent scene. He made a huge name for himself in TNA/Impact, holding several titles over the years. That includes being a four-time TNA/Impact World Heavyweight Champion.

The Lana/Lashley Era in WWE

When Lashley returned to WWE in 2018, fans were expecting big things. And he did manage to add the Intercontinental Championship to his list of titles. But the main event scene remained out of reach, something that only got worse during the Lana/Rusev/Lashley story.

Lana suddenly split from Rusev on-screen, returning as Lashley’s manager and love interest. It was a dud of a storyline that was dead on arrival. Then, a re-branded Liv Morgan was briefly dragged into the angle and thankfully got out of it equally quickly.

Fans hated the whole thing because it was just so stupid. There was no good reason for it. And it was a waste of the talents of quite literally everyone involved in it. But when it all came to an end, Lashley bounced back in legendary style.

Finally becoming the WWE Champion

When his relationship with Lana was finally dissolved, things got a lot better for Lashley and fast. MVP became his manager and they formed a popular faction with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander called The Hurt Business.

This led to him once again holding the United States Championship and finally the WWE Championship. He won it by utterly destroying The Miz. Everything since the end of the Lana angle has been an endless series of mostly outstanding matches and Hall of Fame worthy performances.

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Nothing is perfect, of course, but Lashley’s work over the last 18 months has been exemplary, to say the least. He was always worthy of the main event scene but he has absolutely proven the doubters wrong. Whatever happens next, Lashley is now cemented in the upper echelons of pro wrestling.