WWE Extreme Rules – Top 3 Moments of the Pay-per-view

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With the draft less than a week away, the WWE decided to take things to the Extreme. While the event itself failed to live up to its title, the pay-per-view gave fans marquee moments that will excite us and collectively make us scratch our heads for the next week. There are three moments from Extreme Rules that defined the evening.

The top 3 Moments of Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules had only one hardcore match but had great action from the start of the show. The New Day, The Usos, and Damien Priest all stood tall tonight but the most meaningful moments were easy to spot. That is when the Peacock app doesn’t interrupt the feed with commercials.

Goodbye to Lilly

Say what you will about Alexis Bliss but she has taken this character transformation in stride. Bliss has maintained relevance in the role that was given to her. What was once a sidekick to Bray Wyatt/The Fiend shifted into a quirky terror for the entire women’s division. Focus on Bliss would then shift to the power of the Lilly doll. The effects of Lilly were seen in feuds with Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Eva Marie with moments of hypnotism and other backstage chaos. Lilly was ripped to shreds by Charlotte after the title match, which saw Bliss have a breakdown on her way to the back.

This begs the question of the Lilly gimmick being gone for good. It can be a good thing for Bliss to be repackaged with the draft looming and the absence of Lilly could help that. Perhaps she keeps the Wyatt persona that existed before the doll was introduced. Many would argue Lilly was too much of a distraction from Bliss and diluted her character. Perhaps the Queen’s wake-up call worked.

It’s Boss time

The match of the night between Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch was robbed of a proper finish. Robbed by the Boss, Sasha Banks. The silver lining in losing that finish is the protection of both Lynch and Belair. Besides, the eventual triple threat match will likely outperform the 2019 Wrestlemania main event. Patience is key, and throwing a heel Banks into the mix will only do wonders for Belair’s climb to becoming a two-time Smackdown women’s champion. This will also allow Becky more time to grow into a full-time heel role by choosing cowardly antics opposite of her “man” persona. If there was ever a time to hot potato the title, the Smackdown Women’s title picture is loaded with talent.

The Reigns-Demon finish

The only match of the night to use “Extreme Rules” also gave us the biggest WTF moment of the night. In fact, the last five minutes of the match took fans through a wide range of emotions. The Demon thwarted the interference attempts by the Bloodline and single-handedly took out The Usos. But what would happen next left everyone with endless questions. The heartbeat of the Demon would awake him from the dead, enabling him to put himself in a prime position to dethrone the Tribal Chief. Only for the ropes to mysteriously collapse while in position for coup de grace. Reigns would spear the demon en route to retaining the Universal title.

Next. Bianca Belair could become an even bigger star. dark

This ending misses the mark for a number of reasons but mainly because it leaves a resounding “why” that may not get answered. While it was likely for the Demon to lose this match, with the announcement of Lesnar taking on Reigns at Crown Jewel, this could have been accomplished another way. This ending achieved the shock factor, evidenced by social media, but did more damage to the Demon character in the process.