AEW: Brittany Wonder is a must sign prospect

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AEW has gone through expansions in terms of programming. Tony Khan is on a mission as he continues to look for prospects to sign to the promotion. There has been a wide range of talent displayed on Dark and some were even signed after a successful series of matches.

The anticipation for one individual who has yet to be signed. She is a talent that has been wrestling for a long time and has a great history in this business. She is the West Coast treasure known by the name Brittany Wonder. It’s surprising that Tony Khan has yet to pick up on this hot free agent, but hopefully, that will change in the near future.

Brittany Wonder is a hot must-sign wrestler for AEW.

AEW has delivered with talent appearing on Dark and some even getting signed. Tony Khan has landed some of the best from Thunder Rosa to Ruby Soho, but every week watching AEW, there is always a voice asking: How long will it be before Brittany Wonder is signed next?

Brittany has been a wrestler for ten-plus years and has gone against the likes of Bayley and Thunder Rosa in the independent circuit. She is most known for having an outgoing personality and has a special connection with fans.

The first time ever watching Brittany Wonder was via YouTube back in 2014. It was during a time when it was time to search for more new matches from various competitors of the independent circuit. Former WWE superstar known as Shelly Martinez had a new match-up as she went against Brittany Wonder.

That’s when Brittany was introduced to most fans for the first time ever. It was clear from the very beginning that Brittany is no ordinary wrestler. She displayed a mix of power, speed, technical, and showmanship all wrapped up in one, which made her the total package.

That led up to her match against current AEW superstar Thunder Rosa a few years later. It was the first time ever seeing Thunder Rosa in the ring and it was twofold seeing Brittany kick it up to a new level.

There was a moment during that match where Brittany after taking multiple shots from Rosa yelled: Hit me like a champion. Brittany was a very different wrestler during that time and Thunder Rosa is a completely different competitor today.

Thunder Rosa has taken on some of the best future stars on AEW Dark and it has introduced fans to great talent for the first time. What if Thunder Rosa took on Brittany Wonder in a rematch to show Brittany how far her hits have come since their last meeting?

There are tons of dream matches to look forward to including Ruby Soho, Big Swole, and Kris Statlander to name a few. All matches that have yet to happen and a major opportunity for AEW to get these matches going for the first time ever to increase their bragging rights.

Fans who already know her understand what a big deal it will be to have those dream matches fulfilled. She is a wrestler who lives for the moment and will give her all in the ring no matter the opponent or where she is wrestling.

Right now, Brittany has been making waves on the independent circuit with enthusiasm. One of her biggest hopes is to just wrestle and perform. If she isn’t wrestling, she meditates on it and prepares herself mentally to wrestle again in the future.

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That energy and enthusiasm will be yet another added boost from a dedicated and energetic performer. Fans of her will be ecstatic, and AEW fans will wish they knew her before. All fans will be left entertained by the charismatic superhero as she works her magic in the ring.

Be sure to follow Brittany Wonder on all social media platforms to keep up with all her future matches. It’s only a matter of time before Tony Khan looks to the hero of the West Coast and makes her part of AEW.