AEW: Katalina Perez is an underrated must-sign prospect

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In a recent article, the must-sign AEW prospect focus was Brittany Wonder, who is a wrestler who yet to set foot in an AEW ring. Katalina Perez is a person who has been in an AEW ring numerous times and is a superstar who should be signed soon.

Katalina Perez has earned a rightful place in AEW.

The first time seeing Katalina was actually through AEW Dark almost a year ago when she went against Anna Jay. The first thing that stood out besides her colorful hair was her in-ring psychology and maturity in the ring.

As she went against Jay, she was able to show off her high in-ring IQ. Katalina played to her strengths and used combination hits and roll-ups to swing the pendulum in her favor. She was not victorious in that match,  but it left a lasting impression.

The curiosity grew after she wrestled some more on AEW Dark and her contagious energy in the crowd during the roughest time of the pandemic. She left a lasting impression from the moment she first appeared and has continued to make moves on the independent scene.

After a quick search on YouTube, there was a match that confirmed the belief of her high in-ring IQ. She went against a powerhouse known as Sahara Seven in a match that was just posted at the time. The odds were in Sahara’s favor due to her strength advantage over Katalina.

Katalina adjusted her strategy since she wasn’t going to outpower the superstar. She used her environment to her advantage and ultimately was able to defeat the superstar after a roll-up victory.

No amount of scouting can prepare a fan or wrestler for what will happen in the ring with her. Which is the best-case scenario with an element of surprise on her side. Every match that’s watched, a fan will get a few different answers for who Katalina is in the ring.

That brings us to today, the fans have been back for a few months, and Katalina has been making moves. Her schedule consists of appearing in numerous promotions including Mission Pro Wrestling and OVW.

She has an insatiable appetite to wrestle and show fans who she is as a competitor. There are obviously layers to her that have yet to be revealed. Little by little, she will certainly show fans why she is one of the most colorful prospects to have stepped into an AEW ring.

With a wide range of AEW talent in their women’s division, Katalina would contribute an old school meets new school in-ring psychology. She is only going to get better as time goes by and that’s an evolution that has been a treat to witness.

She is already showing growth in a short amount of time, and while in AEW, she will be a reliable young wrestler who knows what she can do in the ring and use it to her full advantage. That maturity at her age is rare and should be praised and rewarded.

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With everything Katalina has done in AEW as a performer on Dark and helping bring the energy through the roughest period in modern history, hopefully, she will get the long-awaited nod to be with AEW soon.