WWE: Why it’s time for a Shayna Baszler vs. Charlotte Flair feud

WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com /

WWE‘s Shayna Baszler has been on fire as of late and her antics in terms of violent outbursts (first to her ex-tag team partner Nia Jax and recently to Eva Marie on Raw, delivering quite the blows to both women) have spoken volumes in terms of just where her head is at.

In this piece, I’ll set to prove just why she deserves a shot at having a feud with Charlotte Flair—the reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion—and just why Shayna just might deserve a subsequent title run to boot.

Charlotte Flair has been dominating on Raw (and in the WWE altogether) in recent years and that’s despite the fact that she only had her start in the industry in 2012. Many wrestlers we write about here at Daily DDT had their starts much earlier than that and had histories in other sports and in the independent circuit of professional wrestling as well.

Enter Shayna Baszler

It is evident in her fresh in-ring style; Shayna fought legitimately in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. That career dates back to 2006. The current 41-year-old started her training in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (she is a Brown Belt) and Muay Thai disciplines. She took that knowledge with her to the sport of MMA.

Interestingly enough, she has the nickname, “The Queen of Spades,” because she can actually perform several card tricks expertly. The name was given to her by her Catch Wrestling trainer, Josh Barnett after he saw some of her card tricks.

Her elite skills carried her through many promotions in the sport and ultimately to the UFC. She was on Ronda Rousey’s team in The Ultimate Fighter, and her UFC record is 0 wins and 2 losses.

UFC released her soon after her second loss and she then entered the world of professional wrestling. But please don’t let the losses fool you; many great fighters have lost in UFC, but she was happy to start a new chapter in her life.

Shayna’s history in pro wrestling

She started in pro wrestling in 2015—three years after Charlotte Flair—but what she had on her side was the valuable time she’d spent on the independent circuit, specifically time at ROH and World Wonder Ring Stardom. It was then in 2017 that she signed a developmental deal with WWE.

Her NXT career has been well-documented and her rise amongst those ranks can certainly be considered legendary, her winning the NXT Women’s Championship twice over. She made it to the main roster, debuting officially in 2020, but had many run-ins on the main roster over the years she was in NXT.

Perhaps the most notable moment from her past, and all for the purpose of this piece, is the wee bit of history that she and Flair already have—specifically at the 2020 Royal Rumble—the two being the last two women in the Women’s Rumble, Charlotte coming out on top in the end.

Charlotte Flair—second generation benefits

Charlotte has been impressive, and there is no doubt about that. She deserves the success and the accolades, and she has worked hard for them for sure. But many certainly wonder if perhaps it isn’t time to start making the career of another star.

Shayna is 41; it’s time for her to hold that belt. Just look at the records she broke with her reign as NXT Women’s Champ: Noteworthy is her record (6th in history) place with 416 days as champion (NXT), just under the incredible and legendary Sensational Sherri, at 441 days as the then WWF Women’s Champion.

And despite all that’s been done in the industry by other female wrestlers already, Shayna has still broken boundaries too, setting herself aside, making a profound impression on many.

Back in March, in an interview with arabianbusiness.com, she spoke of the impact of women’s wrestling overall and people’s perception of it, and her part in all of that:

"“…I think that it’s a really special thing. Professional wrestling is in a particularly special place because it is entertainment. I’ve been really blessed to be active in this time where people watch it for entertainment and they know…Let’s take MMA where I came from. There will be a lot of people who will just turn off, they can’t watch women fight, it’s uncomfortable for them or whatever their preconceived notions might be about females fighting, they just can’t watch it and they won’t…Even as progressive as women in mixed martial arts has been. But I think in a professional wrestling sense they can watch these, which are stories about fights. Where MMA is the fight, pro wrestling is the story about the fight…That’s something I remember Triple H talking to us about, it’s about just getting the door to crack open…”-Via Arabian Business"

Shayna’s aggressive style

Very reminiscent of the late Chris Benoit, Shayna attacks very much like a “Rabid Wolverine,” usually with no mercy. Does anyone else remember when she bit Becky Lynch?! I sure do, and it isn’t just that aggression.

She is a supreme athlete and incredible fighter, as we went into with her history in MMA, but her balance in the ring is the best on the women’s roster bar none.

Balance in wrestling is so important; as is timing and obviously delivery of the moves. Anyone who remembers The British Bulldog knows balance, and Shayna has a little of The late Bulldog in her as well.

And to top it all off, she’s got conviction, which in turn tells the audience that she means business and is willing to hurt, maim and destroy her opponent.

This is why she is the perfect adversary for Charlotte Flair right now. Charlotte walks around like she’s the toughest on that roster, but I think one Ms. Shayna Baszler has most certainly got her beat.

All that remains to be seen is, will she be left to stay on Raw after the WWE Draft which starts this Friday?

Where they can go with Shayna vs. Charlotte

This is where it gets even more interesting…

Next week, provided she doesn’t get drafted to SmackDown (fingers crossed), when Charlotte gets to the ring, perhaps to go on about how there’s no one else to face worthy of her, Shayna can take that menacing albeit endearing walk of hers to the ring, perhaps shuffling some cards, as she expertly does, and she can let Charlotte know just what the rest of us already are aware of: she can take her, and how.

Just look at how she decimated the aforementioned two ladies.

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Then, Nia Jax can return and seek her revenge for the assault Shayna delivered to her at a later date once Shayna has the title on her very capable shoulders, and Eva Marie…well, Eva Marie was probably just a casualty to deliver the point home that Shayna is as tough as nails.

Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s title? How’s that for a feud at WrestleMania?