Lio Rush has all the tools for a main event run in AEW

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All Elite Wrestling has a packed roster, loaded with talented, young performers. While some debate about who the “pillars” of AEW are as the promotion continues to grow, there is a new name that could be the real foundation heading into the future. Lio Rush made his return to the promotion and if properly utilized he has all the tools to be a focal point for AEW.

At 26-years old, Rush fits right into the youth movement demographic that AEW is leveraging so well. But he brings a more complete package to the table, something other names that are near his age in AEW may not have. Look at his track record across wrestling and there are a number of examples that shine a light on how great of a performer he has become in his six-year career.

Rush returned after announcing his retirement due to mounting injuries earlier in the year. Prior to that, he was performing for New Japan and just made a surprise appearance in AEW at Double or Nothing, setting the stage to compete in two of the biggest promotions in the industry. For a moment it looked like all that had come to an end, Rush has returned and he is doing so at a time when AEW needs someone of his skill and abilities.

Yes, Rush is listed 5’6” and 161 pounds, and he has not let that hinder his career. The WWE’s philosophy of big meaty men in the spotlight could not completely dampen his light. When given the opportunity he showed that he could perform in a way that makes everything he does believable.

But as a part of the AEW roster, this is not a hindrance in any way. Just look to how Darby Allin is booked and Sammy Guevara’s victory over Miro as examples. AEW allows performers to do just that, booking them in ways to make everything they do come off well, regardless of size. Rush’s skill set should thrive in this atmosphere.

Plus, the man has the gift of gab that is needed to be a star in professional wrestling. Rush was a key part in helping Bobby Lashley early in his recent run with the WWE. Even before that, his promos, and presentations in other organizations and on social media scream to his ability to connect verbally with fans. AEW has done a well to position individuals that can accentuate their characters with promos and Rush fits perfectly into that space as well.

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AEW could be the place where Lio Rush emerges as a main event talent for a major promotion. He has all the tools necessary. All AEW must do is give him the opportunity to shine.