WWE NXT: Tommaso Ciampa is the best name to transition to a Bron Breakker title run

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NXT is heading straight into Halloween Havoc next week. While the official “NXT TakeOver” designation may be gone, there are still several matches to look forward to seeing. One of them is the contest between Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker. In what feels like a coronation moment for Breakker, Ciampa is the perfect individual to put him over for the NXT Championship.

Ciampa has made it clear he has no interest in moving up to the main roster. Who could blame him? It’s purgatory for so many individuals but it’s exceptionally bad for anyone coming up from NXT. The list of examples is long and concerning, so it’s understandable that Ciampa didn’t want to be included among them. Thus, he’s remained in NXT.

The unfortunate injury to Samoa Joe created the need for a champion as NXT headed into the revamp. Ciampa won that opportunity, and he’s served well as the individual who will make the transition to the younger talent that this brand now focuses on. But don’t dare call him a “transitional champion.” Instead, he should be seen as the bridge that could lead to a potential swath of new talents that fans enjoy.

First up is Breakker, who fans seemingly have taken a liking to due to his presentation and wrestling pedigree that comes with his father and uncle, also known as The Steiner Brothers. He has all the makings that WWE wants to promote with this latest version of NXT. To think, just months ago he was playing football and wasn’t anywhere near a wrestling ring.

Expect Ciampa to lead Breakker through what will be an entertaining match, akin to what viewers enjoyed during the high points of NXT. If things go as anticipated, Breakker will end the night with the title over his head.

But losing at this point in time will not hurt Ciampa’s legacy, as he has a lot left to give to NXT if he so chooses. The brand is building up other individuals like Xyon Quinn and the soon to debut Solo Sikoa, so having someone like Ciampa for them to work with would fit in perfectly. Even an eventual feud with Carmelo Hayes would be enjoyable. There are more opportunities waiting for Ciampa to help other individuals get over with fans as NXT builds up younger performers.

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Bron Breakker versus Tommaso Ciampa at Halloween Havoc should be a big moment in the direction of the brand. If things go as planned, Breakker will be crowned as the next champion with the potential to do massive things on NXT and beyond. But to get there he will be helped by Ciampa, someone who is the perfect individual to serve in this role as long as he chooses.