Alpha Academy are a hidden gem in the WWE tag team division

WWE, Chad Gable (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)
WWE, Chad Gable (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /

The WWE tag team division is not in its best shape. The days of The Hart Foundation, Road Warriors, Hardy Boyz, and other tag team specialists are long gone. Instead, the division is mostly filled with teams that were thrown together, without any real premise as to why they have become a duo. Even though those steps led to the creation of Alpha Academy, the duo of Chad Gable and Otis is a hidden gem in the entire division.

In October of 2020, Gable debuted a new gimmick called the Alpha Academy with Otis as his first client. At that time, both men were floundering. Otis was coming off a run with the Money in the Bank that greatly diminished the role of the briefcase, and Gable was one of the best talents that were underutilized in the entire promotion. Putting them together seemed like a directionless step that wouldn’t lead to anything, but Gable and Otis took the opportunity and ran with it.

WWE has a team in Alpha Academy that fits their mold of “sports entertainment.” Otis is a powerhouse who was unfortunately slotted into the comedy role, which buried his run as the Money in the Bank winner. But as a serious heel with Gable leading the way, he can be a force of destruction akin to Vader years ago.

Then there’s Gable. There are very few things Gable can’t do as a professional wrestler. His character may not jump off the page, but when given the opportunity he’s shown that he can deliver the emotion and personality that fans can get behind. Then when the bell rings, he can keep up with anyone standing across from him. Gable’s wrestling ability can go from the power game to high-flying on a moment’s notice. While many want to see him go on a singles run, Gable has never underperformed in the tag team space.

If WWE makes an honest commitment to tag team wrestling, Alpha Academy could be a pillar of that group. They could easily work as a heel or babyface combination. Right now, it seems like they are playing in the “tweener” space, which is also found from a competition standpoint. Alpha Academy can work with any duo across the entire promotion, from The Street Profits, Team RKO Bro, and beyond. Heating Gable and Otis up with a few wins on television would benefit everyone within the division, adding credibility to the group.

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WWE seems to be showing an investment in tag team wrestling as it’s one area where their main competitor has a clear advantage. Alpha Academy could be one group to help with that development. Otis and Chad Gable have a much higher ceiling than expected and should be looked at as a hidden gem within the WWE tag team division.