WWE: With new champions, its time to rebuild the Women’s Tag Team division

WWE NXT, Rhea Ripley Credit: WWE.com
WWE NXT, Rhea Ripley Credit: WWE.com /

WWE‘s Raw women’s division changed when Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. won the women’s tag team titles. This win allows them to visit any brand of their choice. Every brand has a women’s tag team division, and current WWE’s women’s tag team division confirms that things seem to be going downhill. Fans are excited since Rhea and Nikki won the titles. The tag team hasn’t found the deserving competition.

It is concerning as that relegates a division and a superstar at the same time. No superstar would want their legacy to be considered oblivion, and Nikki and Rhea are no different. Unlike the former champions, these two are deserving and have a plethora of talent in themselves. Ripley and A.S.H. can fight Shotzi and her partner on SmackDown or even trip to their former space, NXT.

It’s a fact that Ripley and A.S.H. know a thing or two about putting wrestlers over. If they get the opportunity to shine or put other wrestlers over, then they can do it instantly. The wrestling landscape has changed, and WWE’s competition puts on phenomenal women’s wrestling matches. WWE needs to make the same investment in their division.

If they miss the fact, then problems will increase, which is wrong. WWE has experienced people in the seats behind the curtain and if they don’t put everything in order, then expect a collapse.
WWE has tried to pull off a stint with the EVOLUTION pay-per-view, but they chose to not do it again. If they want women’s wrestling to prosper, then female wrestlers or other wrestlers who can elevate the division should be in charge. Rhea and Nikki are the embodiment of class and attack. So using their skills to enhance other superstars and women’s tag team division is an exceptional thought.

Rhea is fierce, Nikki is funny with a twist, and this superwoman character has helped one-half of the women’s tag team champions. It helped her win the Raw Women’s Championship, and she’s on a roll ever since. While she lost the championship soon, her time with the title was entertaining. Rhea, on the other hand, came during the WrestleMania season. She has continued her run from NXT or her push since. There is a perfect blend of comedy and seriousness like the men’s tag team champions Randy Orton and Matt Riddle. Randy is serious, and Matt is the funniest in the group.

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With Rhea and Nikki working on all three brands, fans can expect some quality fights. A fight between champions vs Shotzi and Tegan or the women’s division on the NXT brand will be a treat for the fans. No one hates a brawl as long as it gives the fans something worthwhile to tune into every week. WWE has worked on it now, and if they keep moving upwards, things can go the right way. So never count it out. Which tag teams would you want to see the champions face? Sound off in the comments.