UpUpDownDown content creators pause to show solidarity with Xavier Woods

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)
WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images) /

Fightful Select has reported that UpUpDownDown content creators have stopped making content for the channel in solidarity with founder Xavier Woods.

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much content produced for the channel, and that is reported because the content creators behind the channel feel that Xavier Woods is getting taken advantage of by a bad deal by WWE.

The last video posted was last week in a video that involved Happy Corbin. The video was shot on a mobile phone, and not edited the way the normal videos would be.

Woods was said to have sold the UpUpDownDown brand to WWE not long after he founded it in March 2015.

The report indicates that the content creators are paid, but they feel that Xavier Woods should have been paid more for growing the channel and encouraging more people to be involved. They also feel he should separately should be paid more from the acquisition when WWE took ownership.

UpUpDownDown YouTube currently has 2.27 million subscribers, with its most popular video receiving 12 million views.

More issues behind the scenes at WWE now involving UpUpDownDown

It wasn’t long ago that WWE took matters into their own hands and completely stopped their superstars from taking part in third-party content that they had no control over. If you remember, Zelina Vega was against the whole thing and was released from her contract, but was ultimately re-signed months later.

Of course, WWE owns UpUpDownDown, but the content creators and Xavier Woods himself do not reap the rewards from the channel. If it were solely ran by him and creators, that be making themselves a lot more money. Instead, because of the sale by Woods to WWE, Vince McMahon’s company is in control of how it operates in a financial aspect. Surely, this is a matter that will be resolved soon, as UpUpDownDown is extremely popular with many in the WWE Universe with the videos averaging anywhere between 2.5-3 million views.

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