Dolph Ziggler deserves mention among the best wrestlers today


One of the tireless debates that pop up in professional wrestling is who is at the top of the list among current performers. Today’s discussion wouldn’t be any different, and there are a number of individuals who fans would rank in their top spot. Yet there are always performers who should receive some consideration for the discussion but are often left by the wayside. Dolph Ziggler is one of those performers. He may not be the first person thought of, but Ziggler’s run in professional wrestling deserves much more praise and recognition.

Dolph Ziggler is one of the best professional wrestlers in the business and any promotion benefits with him on the roster. As we sit and marvel at the current runs those men like Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, and Roman Reigns are enjoying, understand that Ziggler is capable of putting on the same type of performances in the right opportunity. The keyword is “opportunity,” and while that may not come in the WWE that doesn’t denigrate the skills and career Ziggler has put forth to date.

As a professional wrestling fan, ask yourself what Ziggler can’t do in the business? Can he put on excellent matches that are well regarded by fans and fellow performers alike? Yes, his resume includes several matches with strong rankings from the most respected names in wrestling media and fans alike. With the right opponent, he could even surpass the coveted five-star match that everyone talks about.

Ziggler’s shown the in-ring abilities to match any style presented to him. He can move around the ring with the quickness to match the best lightweights, hit power-based moves, and has the wrestling chops to go hold-for-hold against any technical wrestler, all in the same night. There’s a reason he’s consistently paired with performers that WWE wants to make “look good,” and it’s because he’s one of the best in the world at doing so.

Many of his peers recognize his greatness. Take Eric Bishoff for example.

“Dolph Ziggler is a phenomenal performer, I’ve said that a million times in a bunch of interviews,” he said back in 2020 while speaking to TalkSport. “That’s depth in a character and talent. And for that reason, I would put Dolph Ziggler at the top of my list.”

The Rock even shared similar sentiments that same year, posting on social media in response to an image of Ziggler as WWE Champion. “I’d co-sign this decision one-hundred percent. Talented dude and always has a spark in his presentations.”

Unfortunately for Ziggler, his booking in recent years has left him as an afterthought. Even with multiple title reigns since 2018, his placement in the pecking order doesn’t create any excitement around him when he’s on-screen. That is more an indictment on WWE’s booking issues, rather than Ziggler’s abilities in the ring. He can be a star that is over with fans in this business. Just look back to his 2011 – 2013 and you can see fans were ready to lift him to the rafters. Could Ziggler be built back up to a similar position today? Yes, but it would take a level of creative booking and protective matchmaking that is beyond the reach of WWE Creative.

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At 41-years of age, Dolph Ziggler is a special talent in professional wrestling. He may be overlooked or taken for granted by fans today, but do not doubt that he isn’t capable of a main event run the likes of what is being done by ex-WWE performers in AEW or other promotions. He has every tool needed to be a main event star and should be higher up on everyone’s top performers list.