AEW Dynamite: Cody Rhodes survives a war with Andrade El Idolo

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Tonight, AEW Dynamite comes to us live from Atlanta, Georgia. The main event tonight will be an Atlanta Street Fight where Andrade El Idolo takes on Cody Rhodes. It was also announced that “Hangman” Adam Page will be defending the AEW World Championship against Bryan Danielson in two weeks at Winter Is Coming. The show will be getting kicked off by Bryan Danielson taking on Alan Angels. The show kicks off with Hangman Page’s entrance as he makes his way to the announce table to do commentary.

AEW Dynamite Results

Bryan Danielson vs Alan “5” Angels

The crowd is majorly behind Angels heading into this match. The match starts up with a quick collar-elbow tie-up. Danielson plays to the crowd during the early part of this match. Bryan is really committing to his heel gimmick.

Alan Angels showed some good offense in the early part of this match, but Danielson quickly took over. Angels did fight back though and really got to showcase his talents in this match. Angels went for a moonsault where Danielson moved out of the way. Danielson hit his newly-famous kicks to the head on Angels and then locked in the knee-bar which caused Angels to submit.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After the match, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to interview Danielson. Danielson announces that next week he will stomp in a “Dark Order member from Long Island, NY’s head.” Hangman Page then tries to go out to the ring and fight Bryan, but Johnny Silver comes out and offers to beat up Bryan for him, but Bryan quickly leaves the ring. Up next, CM Punk takes on Lee Moriarty.

CM Punk vs Lee Moriarty

After both wrestlers make their entrances, MJF comes out to the commentary table to do commentary during Punk’s match. MJF on commentary is gold. The match kicks off and both wrestlers are exchanging wrestling holds like in “old-school” type of mat wrestling.  There were a lot of submission holds as well by both wrestlers.

The crowd was largely behind CM Punk all match. Lee Moriarty had an incredible showing in this match. Moriarty will be a major player for years to come in AEW. The match ends when CM Punk hits the GTS on Moriarty. This match was incredible in all ways possible.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, MJF gets on the mic and calls CM Punk, “PG Punk.” The two then exchange words which culminated when MJF threatened to put CM Punk’s dog to sleep. CM Punk then came up the ramp to try and fight MJF but Wardlow comes out to protect MJF and have a staredown with CM Punk.

We also see Tony Schiavone interviewing Britt Baker backstage. Baker is annoyed that she had to wrestle Riho and said Tony Khan screwed her. She says it doesn’t matter though since it’s in the past and they are back on track. It’s also announced that Jamie Hayter will be taking on Riho next week on AEW Dynamite.

Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring to pose and do his “BOOM” schtick with his fans, only to make his way back up to the commentary table to be on commentary for the next match. Orange Cassidy makes his entrance and gets into a staredown with Adam Cole. The Youngbucks come out to distract Cassidy, which gives Adam Cole the opportunity to low blow Orange Cassidy. The Bucks then superkick him. Wheeler Yuta and Chuck Taylor make the save to help their friend, Orange Cassidy.

A cool video package is shown next where Tony Nese is talking about his upcoming match with Sammy Guevara on Friday at AEW Rampage for the TNT Championship. Up next, Wardlow is in action.

Wardlow vs AC Adams

Wardlow is taking on a local talent in this match, AC Adams. After a little fight by Adams, Wardlow just dominates this match.  This was a very short match that saw Wardlow just destroy his opponent.  It was refreshing seeing Wardlow have a singles match again.

Winner: Wardlow

After the match, Spears attacks Adams with a chair. Spears then raises Wardlow’s hand and the two celebrate in the ring. Up next, we see Darby Allin and Sting take on The Gunn Club members, Billy and Colten Gunn.

We also see Tony Schiavone interviewing Penta and Pac. Penta and Pac are ready to wrestle FTR this Friday on AEW Rampage and are seeking revenge for what FTR did to Rey Fenix.

Darby Allin and Sting vs Billy and Colten Gunn

Team Tazz joins the commentary table ahead of this match. The match starts off with Darby Allin and Colten Gunn. After some early offense by Darby, we see Colten tag in Billy Gunn. This prompts Darby to tag in Sting. Billy Gunn and Sting have a stare-down and then start throwing punches at each other.

This was Sting’s first time wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia in 14 years. Billy Gunn quickly took the upper hand on Darby Allin which leads to The Gunn Club being in control for a majority of the match over Allin. Darby then gives Sting the hot tag. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on both members of The Gunn Club.

Sting hits the Scorpion Death Lock on Colten but Austin causes the break-up by taking a cheap shot on Sting. Darby got cut open on the top of his head doing a dive to the outside of the ring. Sting plants Colten Gunn with a Scorpion Death Drop to pick up the win for his team. This was the first time ever that The Gunn Club lost in AEW.

Winners: Darby Allin and Sting

Alex Marvez is seen backstage interviewing Chris Jericho. Marvez wants to know why Jericho came to Kingston’s aid last week against Daniel Garcia and 2point0. 2point0 and Daniel Garcia then jump Jericho from behind during the interview and take him out. Tazz also announces that all of Team Tazz will be in the Diamond Dozen for the AEW Diamond Ring next week.

Lio Rush makes his way out to confront Team Tazz. Lio Rush says that he is a fighter and will win the Diamond Dozen battle royale next week. Dante Martin comes out and gets in Lio Rush’s face and then goes to celebrate with Team Tazz. We also find out that Thunder Rosa’s student, Janai Kai takes on Jade Cargill on AEW Rampage on Friday.

Kris Statlander vs Ruby Soho

This is the quarter-finals of the TBS Championship tournament. The winner will advance to the semi-finals to take on Nyla Rose. The match starts off with a lock-up between both women. Neither woman was able to get an advantage which caused a break in the action.

This was a great back-and-forth match by both women. The match ended when Ruby Soho countered Kris Statlander’s finishing move into a roll-up. Statlander had an incredible showing in this match and hopefully, this will be a sign of things to come from her.

Winner: Ruby Soho

After the match, Vickie Guerrero comes out to get in Statlanders face on the entrance ramp. This allows Nyla Rose to take out Ruby Soho after the match.

Atlanta Street Fight: Andrade El Idolo vs Cody Rhodes

The match starts on the entrance ramp when Andrade charges up to fight Cody Rhodes. The two men then fight throughout the fans in Atlanta. Cody hit’s a moonsault on Andrade from the barricade. The two then fight all around the ring before finally entering the ring.

The match saw everything from Cody getting hit with his belt, to Cody getting hit with Andrade’s laptop, to Andrade hitting a split-legged moonsault on Cody. During the match, Cody pulled out a golden shovel and hit Jose with it. This allowed Andrade to hit a splash on Cody outside of the ring.

Brandi Rhodes came into the ring in a disguise and lit a table on fire as both wrestlers went through it. This led to Cody pinning Andrade. Cody briefly got caught on fire during this spot. It was very dangerous but also very unexpected. A big win by Cody over his rival, Andrade.

Winner: Cody Rhodes