PWI presents MPW Week leading into Silver Belles on December 11

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Mission Pro Wrestling is a growing promotion in the independent wrestling space. Led by budding superstar, Thunder Rosa, the group has carved out a hold on women’s wrestling in the United States. In partnership with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, December 6-11 will be Mission Pro Week to highlight the company and its upcoming event, “Silver Belles.”

Throughout the upcoming week, an individual of the Mission Pro roster will be featured via an interview with PWI personality, Candace Cordelia on the show “Face Turn with Candace Cordelia.” The list of those scheduled to be interviewed includes Kayla Sparks, Madi Wrenkowski, KiLynn King, MPW Tag Team Champions, Charlette and Robyn Renegade, Mission Pro Wrestling Champion, Holidead, and Thunder Rosa.

This interview series is a lead-in to the December 11 event, Silver Belles, in conjunction with Hybrid Pro Wrestling. Scheduled matches include:

  • Thunder and Anakin Rosa versus Mighty Mayra and JP Harlow
  • Holidead versus Charli Evans
  • Madi Wrenkowski versus Lady Frost
  • The Renegade Twins versus Blonde Force Trauma
  • Rache Chanel versus Joey Gonzo
  • KI Vibez and Branden Vice versus Ms. Michel and David Kidd
  • Scramble Match featuring seven of the top names in MPW

This event is also in partnership with The Salvation Army to help provide toys and other items needed in the San Antonio community.

All the interviews will be available on the PWI YouTube channel.

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