Top Three Moments of NXT WarGames PPV /

NXT War Games lived up to its moniker. Despite ditching the traditional Takeover title, it still felt like a similar atmosphere. NXT 1.0 was in the air all night from the styles of each match to the various callbacks.

NXT War Games top moments felt very NXT 1.0

There were huge spots and heartfelt moments found throughout the card. However, with this show seemingly passing the torch over to NXT 2.0 officially, there were a few moments that stood out in a major way.

Dr. Shirai

The ladies kicked off NXT War Games and were a tough act to follow. The dynamic of this match was centered around possibly the biggest spot featuring Cora Jade. Jade would soar off the cage and land a somersault onto Jacy Jayne through a table. Jade took the most damage here and dislocated her shoulder.

Jade being the youngest competitor in War Games then looked to opt-out for medical help, then entered “Dr. Shirai” who took it upon herself to pop Jade’s shoulder in place. Jade would then go on to being the last woman standing with enough strength to pick up the pinfall for her team. Two monumental moments in the young NXT career for Cora Jade.

Aichner going all out

With all due respect to the ending with Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner, that saw the UE symbol used again. Fabian Aichner was a one-man highlight throughout this match. There was no singular moment with Aichner, there were moments all match. The power on display, the suicide dives, overall just amazing athleticism. It felt like watching a mashup of Cesaro and Ricochet.

Imperium is always great in-ring, but the tag-team champs reminded fans about what makes NXT so great from a pro wrestling standpoint. Following the women’s division was no easy feat, but seeing Aichner all the way in his bag kept the show riding high.

Rebel Heart/DIY

Johnny Wrestling brought his classic “Rebel Heart” theme back which got the entire arena in the feels. It felt like a send-off of sorts, especially seeing Tomasso Ciampa cheering Gargano on during his entrance. Gargano is unquestionably the NXT goat and the heart and soul of the brand. Fans got to see Johnny go back into the time machine twice, through his classic music and a DIY reunion with Ciampa.

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Despite the storied rivalry, it’s always a treat to see DIY take us all back with their tandem offense. Hitting Breakker with the “meet in the middle” finisher and both covering him was a wonderful moment. Furthermore, Gargano sacrificing himself for Ciampa during the final moments was another flashback to all the great storytelling done between the two. If this was the last we’ll see of Johnny Takeover in NXT, he gave fans another banger on his way out.