AEW: Hangman Page will end Bryan Danielson’s undefeated run in AEW

AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Hangman Page Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

Hangman Adam Page will make his 1st AEW world championship defense at AEW Winter Is Coming on December 15th. The opponent will be Bryan Danielson. The American Dragon is undefeated since debuting on September 22nd, and Hangman Page will end Bryan Danielson’s undefeated run in AEW to retain his world title in the process.

At AEW’s Winter Is Coming this coming Wednesday, an irresistible force will collide with an immovable object. You have the newly crowned AEW champion on one end of the squared circle in Hangman Adam Page. On the other end, there is a rejuvenated mercenary looking to add two more notches to his ever-expanding collection of a metaphorical belt in Bryan Danielson.

One of those notches is knocking off the undeclared leader of the Dark Order. A group in which Danielson has decimated on his path (in many of the member’s hometown’s no less) to get here. The 2nd and more important notch here is the AEW World championship. A title you can argue would cement a wrestler’s name at the top of the pro wrestling world as a conglomerate.

Danielson has made no bones about his ultimate intention, it’s to kick people’s heads in on the way to winning the AEW world championship. The run which he is on is not unchartered territory for him. He’s won World championships in multiple promotions, while more often than not putting on the best in-ring performance night in and night out. His last three months are a microcosm of his storied 20 plus year career. Brilliant in every way imaginable.

When Bryan Danielson arrived in AEW, his personal mission was to outwrestle every competitor he steps foot in the ring with. Reverting back to his days in Ring Of Honor, Danielson has become one of, if not, the best wrestler in the World once again over the last 3 months. Putting on mat clinics with the likes of Kenny Omega, Minoru Suzuki, and Eddie Kingston among many other names thus far. Danielson has not been on a tear like this in over a decade, it’s been a tremendous reintroduction to the “American Dragon” character of yesteryear.

Which brings us to the irresistible force, AEW world champion Hangman Page. Page finally fulfilled his near 3-year destiny of becoming the flag bearer for All Elite Wrestling. While he took an indirect path to get there, Page finally conquered Kenny Omega at AEW Full Gear last month to become the AEW titleholder and franchise of the company.

Page has gone through hell and high water since January of 2019 when AEW was founded. His opening singles match in AEW with PAC was postponed. Hangman then won the first AEW Casino Battle Royale, which landed him a title match. Only to squander the opportunity at becoming the 1st AEW world champ, losing to Chris Jericho at All Out in 2019.

Page’s path from there was full of peaks and valleys. Losing his best friends, The Elite, as well as his self-confidence along the way were among the tribulations he faced. When he finally found his way, he unlocked his own forbidden door. Hangman Adam Page broke through the imaginary glass ceiling and into the room of folklore as AEW world champion.

Now that Hangman Page is on top, his 1st challenger presents arguably the toughest opponent he’s had to face to date in AEW. It’s also likely to be the biggest hurdle of his entire career moving forward.

Bryan Danielson has returned to the top of his game.

Bryan Danielson is once again at the top of his game as one of the most dangerous pro wrestlers on the planet. With a renewed focus since arriving on the All Elite Wrestling scene, Danielson has proven that he has not lost a single step in the squared circle. Wrestling a rugged style that was his mantra at the beginning of his storied career, The American Dragon is primed to become the 3rd wrestler to hold both the WWE and AEW World championships.

You can swing an argument for either Page or Danielson to walk out with the win and AEW world championship this Wednesday in Garland, Texas. Each performer is equally capable of being a fighting world champ and carrying the torch of AEW for as long as deemed necessary.

I’ll explain why the man who should walk out victorious at Winter Is Coming and end Bryan Danielson’s undefeated run will be the reigning AEW world champion, Hangman Adam Page.

Tony Khan and AEW personnel have unofficially dubbed Hangman Page “the breakthrough megastar” since the kickoff of the promotion on January 8th, 2019. Page stepped on a podium in Jacksonville and declared he would be the promotion’s first-ever AEW world champion.

Page wasn’t ready for this spotlight 3 years ago. Yet he’s now grown into this role as the backbone of AEW and pulling the rug out from underneath him just a month into his title reign would be a head-scratcher to say the least.

The money was truly in the chase for the ‘Anxious Millennial Cowboy’. He fulfilled his destiny last month and has yet to defend his newly won AEW world title. You could revisit the chase down the road and have Bryan Danielson continue his streak and claim the championship in the process. Yet now is not the right time to do this to your newly crowned, prince of pro wrestling, Hangman Adam Page.

Bryan Danielson has had a magnificent first 3 months with AEW. The guy has already cemented his legacy with a career that has been encapsulated with enthralling matches and moments that have etched his name into the pantheon of legendary professional wrestlers.

Yet if you’re truly serious about making Hangman Adam Page your franchise player, there is not a bigger feather in one’s cap than defeating the greatest American professional wrestler of the 21st century while he’s at the top of his game.

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This is a story that will not end after ten pages, but one with a few more unwritten and marvelous chapters left to it. Chapter One in the story of Hangman Page’s AEW world championship reign will begin with sheriffs like the arrest of Bryan Danielson’s undefeated streak in AEW and ultimately lead to retaining his world title in the process.