Five must see match ideas for WALTER on the main roster

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If WALTER is destined for the WWE main roster, here are five matches that must happen.

There was a big update to a planned match for NXT New Year’s Evil. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel will be joined by the leader of Imperium, WALTER, to take on MSK and Matt Riddle. This was a stunning announcement but immediately created the idea of a long-term run for WALTER on the main roster. With that in mind, here are five potential matchups that fans would love to see in the near future.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles continues to remind wrestling fans that he’s one of the best in the business. Even at 44 years of age, his abilities in the ring make viewers pay attention to every match he’s in. While some will argue about how he’s being utilized by the WWE, there’s no arguing that when put in any position he will excel. Imagine if that position was standing across from WALTER.

One of Styles’s underrated abilities is to make his opponents and colleagues look great. That is why he’s currently paired with Omos in what should be a quick but interesting feud. WALTER doesn’t need much to make him look like a legit monster, but with Styles on the receiving end of the violence, he’s going to come across as a video game boss by the time the match would be over.

Bobby Lashley

If violence is your thing a match with WALTER against Bobby Lashley would be right up your alley. Lashley is coming off an impressive two-year run that saw him capture his first WWE Championship. With MVP and The Hurt Business overall, Lashley’s current run with the company is among the best in wrestling to date. Lashley as an introductory feud with WALTER would be a great way to introduce him to mainstream WWE fans.

Finn Balor

WALTER versus Finn Balor was a match that the creative team was seemingly moving toward. Balor had just rejoined NXT and was “floating” between the United States and United Kingdom brands. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic erased any opportunity for that match to occur. Thankfully, the world has opened enough that it is once again possible.

A feud between WALTER and Balor would not only be a fantastic way to introduce him to the main roster viewers, but it would boost both men on the roster. WALTER would get the shine of rubbing shoulders with a former Universal Champion and Balor needs a big-name feud to get a long-overdue improvement of his position on the show.


Remember the No Disqualification match that Drew McIntyre and Sheamus had in the ThunderDome? That display of violence would be on par to what would go down if Sheamus and WALTER took place on the main roster. These two men would beat each other to a pulp and the fans would cheer them on along the way. Sheamus is a legitimate tough guy to WWE viewers and seeing him go at it with WALTER would help transfer that feeling over to the newest individual of the roster.

Roman Reigns

And then there is the Head of the Table. WALTER was mistreated when he was eliminated from the Survivor Series match in 2019 in less than three minutes. He was in the midst of a dominating run in NXT UK, a title reign that would last 870-days. WALTER should be booked as a main event-level threat to any man holding the title, which includes Roman Reigns.

Next. Matt Riddle should take the first shot at Randy Orton. dark

WWE would have to take their time in building WALTER up to this fight, but the payoff would be well worth it. Plus, with the rest of Imperium and The Usos added into the equation, which would increase the stakes and the fantastic matches that would be delivered. WALTER versus Roman Reigns would be an exceptional match that would be highly anticipated the moment it was announced.