Grayson Waller’s push is going to make him a top name in NXT /

Hey, let’s talk about Grayson Waller for a minute! If you’ve been watching NXT for the past few months, chances are you know that name, and chances are, you have a pretty strong opinion about him. You might like him, you might dislike him, but you’re not indifferent.

For some, Waller personifies the new era in NXT. He is the perfect representation of what NXT 2.0 should be in regards to the new direction that WWE is going with the brand. When his music hits, you don’t hear crickets, you hear a loud and passionate NXT crowd booing him out of the building.

For others… Waller personifies the new era in NXT. They don’t see a pro wrestler, they see a sports entertainer. A reality TV star wannabe.  A Miz carbon copy. A complete and utter disgrace to what was once known as the brand that put wrestling 1st and sports entertainment 2nd.

Despite the hate, it’s hard to deny the fact that Waller has held his own with the likes of Tommaso Ciampa and AJ Styles in the ring recently. By that, I don’t mean that Styles and Ciampa carried him to decent matches, I mean he proved he could hang with both competitors on both occasions. Given the track record of both wrestlers, that says a lot.

Moreover, he sounds like a believable douchebag on the mic.

No seriously, I’m dead serious. When I say Grayson Waller sounds like that one jock who got all the girls based solely on the fact that he was a star quarterback for your high school football team, it hits different.

And It’s not just the fact that he took out Johnny Gargano during his heartwarming and emotional farewell address to the NXT Universe, either.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, taking out NXT’s heart and soul is sure to get you a massive amount of heel heat regardless of who you are, but the reaction and the jeers that Waller still receives weeks later after the attack are quite impressive.

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Since then, Waller has made appearances on Raw and even teased that he might pay Smackdown a visit in the future. He’s managed to maintain the hate from the NXT crowd following his attack on Johnny Wrestling. He’s still in NXT, yet he’s already feuding with stars on the main roster.

You know, It might suck for some fans to read this, but Waller’s recent push is definitely going to make him a breakout star for 2022.