AEW Rampage: Jon Moxley returns to the ring

TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 06: Jon Moxley looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'New Year Dash' at the Oita City General Gymnasium on January 06, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 06: Jon Moxley looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'New Year Dash' at the Oita City General Gymnasium on January 06, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

AEW Rampage is live from Washington, D.C.

Jon Moxley is making his return to the ring for the first time since October 2021. He’ll be facing “All Ego” Ethan Page.

We were supposed to get the reunion of Roppongi Vice against the Young Bucks, but unfortunately, Rocky Romero has COVID. The match will now be Trent Beretta vs. Nick Jackson.

HOOK will be sent for his first live match. He’ll be taking on 19-year veteran, Serpentico.

In the main event, Anna Jay has challenged Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship. “Anna Hungee” is currently ranked number two.

Jon Moxley vs. Ethan Page

Jon Moxley was the first one to the ring. The two start with a lockup and Page got Mox to the ground first. He immediately flexed. Mox took it to Page with multiple chops and a running back elbow. Mox got Page in the corner and bit his forehead. Page shoulder tackled Mox to the outside. Page put Mox on the table and punched him multiple times. Once on his feet, Mox chopped Page and sent him into the barricade.

Once back in the ring, Page focused Mox’s knee. He followed with a backbreaker with Mox’s legs on the second rope. AEW’s “Franchise Player” threw Mox into the ring post and sent him out of the ring.

Mox hit two back German suplexes and a rebound German suplex. The two exchanged blows and open palm strikes. Page kneed him in the stomach to make him stop. Mox nailed Page with a lariat. Page retaliated with a brainbuster. Mox grabbed the ropes, but Page held on through the 5 count. Mox hit him with a tope suicida. Mox climbed up on the top rope and Page hit an avalanche power slam. Mox reversed the cover and then hit Page with elbows to the face. Mox won with the bulldog chokehold.

After the match is over, Mox nailed Page with a Paradigm Shift. As Mox walked through the crowd with “Wild Thing” blaring, he ran into a familiar face, Bryan Danielson. Danielson clapped at Mox and grinned at Mox as he walked away.

Moxley def. Page via submission

Trent Beretta w/Best Friends vs. Nick Jackson w/Matt Jackson & Brandon Cutler

As Excalibur pointed out, Beretta and Jackson have shared the ring 50 times, but this is their first-ever one-on-one match-up. Beretta put Jackson into each corner with vicious chops. Beretta followed up with an overhead throw. Jackson focused on Beretta’s neck and Beretta hit a Northern Lights suplex over the rope.

Jackson relentlessly focused on Beretta’s neck into the break. During the break, Matt taunted Orange Cassidy while Nick tried to do a running kick on him, but Cassidy ducked.

After the break, Jackson went for an atomic senton, but he landed on Beretta’s knees. Beretta knocked Jackson off his feet with a vicious forearm and followed with a German suplex and a running knee strike. Beretta showered down forearms on Jackson. Jackson pulled him out of the ring, but Beretta speared him on the outside.

Beretta nailed a DDT and followed it with chops. Jackson put referee Rick Knox in the way and then hit Beretta with a roundhouse kick. Jackson escaped to the apron on the side with the ramp. A quick sequence ended with Jackson hitting a Canadian Destroyer. The pair exchanged blows. Jackson hit him with a parkour kick followed by a front face bulldog. Beretta nailed yet another German Suplex and a lariat. Jackson kicked out of a pile driver.

On the apron, Jackson did a back body drop on the ramp. Jackson followed with a senton atomico. Back in the ring, Jackson hit a 450 splash, but Beretta somehow kicked out. A frustrated Jackson can’t keep Beretta down. Beretta won with Storm Zero.

HOOK vs. Serpentico

Serpentico got stuck in his streamers and was nailed by HOOK. Serpentico couldn’t even take his kimono off due to the relentless assault. HOOK hit the STO and then followed with a double wrist lock. HOOK then nailed Serpentico with an overhead throw. HOOK did a standing REDRUM for the win.

QT Marshall called HOOK a delinquent and took an overheard throw for his trouble. The “Cold Hearted” HOOK stepped over his former trainer’s body as his dad cackled.

HOOK def. Serpentico via submission

Jade Cargill (c) w/Smart Mark Sterling vs. Anna Jay w/John Silver

The match started off with dueling flexes. Cargill put Jay in a side headlock. Cargill grabbed Jay out of the air to suplex her. Cargill was talking trash and Jay took her down. On the outside, Cargill went face to face with John Silver where they flexed and argued over who was more jacked. Jay took advantage and ran through Cargill on the outside.

During the break, Jay had Cargill in the corner and rained down punches. Cargill nearly pinned Jay. While she recovered, the champ did pushups before taking Jay to the corner and kicked her to the mat. Cargill pulled her up by her hair and drove her shoulder into Jay’s midsection. She continued to beat her down in the corner. Jay kicked Cargill, but Cargill followed with a German suplex. She put Jay back in the corner and taunted her.

After the break, Jay got Cargill in the corner and hit her with a heel kick and tried to choke her out with the Queen Slayer on the apron. Jay hit elbow strikes in the corner and followed with kicks. She hit Cargill with a flatliner.

Sterling distracted Jay and Silver hit him with a brain buster. Cargill hit Jay with a pump kick. Jay countered in the Queen Slayer. Cargill got to her feet with Jay still on her back. The two were in the corner and Jay put her in the Queen Slayer from the top rope. Cargill powered out, but is sent face first into the corner. Cargill nailed a one arm power bomb. She finished her off with Jaded.

Jade def. Anna Jay via pinfall

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