AJ Gray awaits Eddie Kingston, will be at GCW The WRLD On


AJ Gray was ready to make some massive headlines. Live this Sunday from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Gray was expected to have a show-stealing, physical bout with AEW performer Eddie Kingston.


If you’re unfamiliar with AJ Gray, he’s arguably the best independent ‘Strong Style’ grappler in the World. The physicality and intensity that Gray brings to each bout is matched by very few. While he is a brawler deep down, Gray has an aerial game that can catch his opponents off guard.

He is a former GCW world champion, the current GCW Extreme, and West Coast Pro world champion. “The Truth” has the accolades to back up the nickname.

AJ Gray is a rising grappler in the pro wrestling industry. He’s always on the hunt for the largest payday and toughest wrestlers in the industry. His “Burning Lariat” finisher is a callback to the great Stan Hansen, a pro wrestling legend in the United States and Japan.

To no one’s surprise, Gray called out Eddie Kingston, challenging him to a match at GCW “The WRLD”. Live this Sunday from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Kingston accepted the match and we were all set for a pure six brawl on this monumental GCW card.

‘GCW The WRLD On” has arguably the most hype for an independent show since “All In” which resonated from Chicago in September of 2018. A golden opportunity for Game Changer Wrestling to grab the spotlight and burst onto to the stage in a similar way to ECW back in 1997 with their first pay-per-view offering “Barely Legal.”

In an interview with Wrestling INC., A.J. Gray called out Kingston for one reason, “ I mean, s**t I’m trying to pick the baddest of the bad motherf**king toughest of the tough,” Gray said. “It was a respect thing until he started talking all this s**t on his interviews.”

Eddie Kingston was a part of the “Second Gear Crew”, a faction now led by A.J. Gray. There was a built-in story that eventually will be told, pending AEW’s approval. Kingston is on record in another interview with Wrestling INC.

“I just gotta check, you know, with how everything’s going down with AEW, and AEW is open to working with anybody, so just gotta make sure. If AJ wants to go, that’s fine. I think AJ forgot where I come from, and I think AJ also forgets nothing’s changed but zero’s on the check, my man!”

Righteous Reg, a contributing writer from PWI and co-host of the “Grapsody” podcast produced by ‘Fightful’ joined me in a collaborative sit-down podcast with AJ Gray. The new GCW Extreme champion pulled no punches during our chat.

"Reg: So right now, you don’t know anything? (about a new match at GCW The WRLD On)Gray: I don’t know a damn thing bro, I may pull an R-truth and smoke a cigarette inside a cage.Reg: We talked a little bit ago, you said you have a couple of different options for matches, are those gone?Gray: I don’t know what is out there? I’m being dead serious, I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s the end of the week, I’ll be there, but I don’t (expletive) know what I’m doing.Reg: Brett Lauderdale, put my guy (AJ Gray) in the main event and make it a triple threat match.Gray:  I didn’t earn that title match, I didn’t win the battle royal, Homicide won it. He won the match, I can’t be mad about it.Jesse: Will you have a match with Eddie Kingston in the near future.Gray: Hell yeah, somewhere, someway bro. I got to. It’s Mad King bro, we going to have to get it one day. I don’t know when, but It’s going to happen. He accepted the challenge. If you accept and I accept, (expletive) we have no talking, we just have to figure out a place. I’m money bro, I’m money with the matchups."

AJ Gray was very transparent during the rest of our interview. He spoke about GCW “For The Culture 3”, why black wrestlers aren’t getting major pushes on tv and who he wants to wrestle in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

For the rest of the interview with AJ Gray, you can listen to Wrestling’s Unplugged And Undeniable on Google, Apple, Spotify, and every major podcast platform.