Miro would be a compelling challenger for “Hangman” Adam Page

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Title reigns are an important part of mainstream professional wrestling. Who holds the title when is a central element in discussing who were the best performers of an era? But a central component to that conversation is the challengers that help build champions into the forces described in their legacies. “Hangman” Adam Page is a champion in need of top challengers. Lance Archer is up first, but AEW has a secret weapon in waiting named Miro.

Miro is out due to an injury, but AEW has still featured him in video segments that continue to build his aura. He hasn’t seen in-ring action since losing to Bryan Danielson in AEW Full Gear. Before that, the company did an excellent job building him back up as a credible threat, after months of criticism came when he first debuted with AEW. By the time his run with the TNT Championship came to an end, Miro was a threatening beast for any foe standing across from him.

Now, let’s come back to current times. Page versus Archer is a solid feud to elevate “Hangman” as a champion. Expectations are that Page will defeat Archer, as he should. This will be a feud to elevate Page as the titleholder, much like recent Roman Reigns’s feuds with the likes of Finn Balor and Jey Uso. Surprises are awesome, but predictability has a place in professional wrestling. A win for Page over Archer is predictable, but placing him in a match against Miro? That’s where things could get interesting.

A long-term feud between Miro and Page culminating at a PPV would go a long way for both individuals. If Page pics up a victory, it would be a huge win to continue building his legacy, especially after the clean victory over Bryan Danielson.

Miro, on the other hand, is a credible threat to any champion carrying the title, and picking up a victory over Page wouldn’t create as much backlash as if it were another. Yes, AEW has featured several former WWE performers in the title picture, but Miro’s character development continues to be exceptionally better in AEW than with his former performer. If he was put on a quick, but impactful winning streak, cultivating in a title shot that is easy to craft into a believable moment.

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Many expect MJF to be the individual to unseat Page to become the next AEW Champion. While that’s an understanding path, the idea to throw in a 280-pound speed bump wouldn’t be such a bad one. Miro could be an interesting and believable opponent for Page as the company continues to develop challengers to build his title run.